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Sustainability is more than just the product

In addition to products and environmentally friendly production, social commitment and working together within the company are also important factors that define us as MissPompadour.

Upcycle & Change

instead of throwing away and buying new

Do you still have old furniture that doesn't really fit into your home anymore? Don't throw it away - most old wooden furniture is still too good to say goodbye to. Just paint them instead! In this way, you not only avoid creating new waste, but also give old furniture a new life.


Our promise for sustainability

We get a little better every day

  1. Reduce ourcarbon footprint. For our products, we pay attention to short delivery routes as well as sustainable production. Even existing products are constantly being improved in production and delivery. We already try to produce all our products in Germany and direct neighbouring countries. We do not use long transport routes from overseas. We also recommend painting as a resource-saving way to beautify your home. The production of new furniture also producesCO2, as does the subsequent destruction of old furniture.
  2. Plastic-free as far as possible. If you lookaround our shop, you will unfortunately still find one or two products made of plastic here and there. We are continuously working on banning plastic and plastics from our range completely - as long as we find better alternatives that are superior both in terms ofCO2 footprint and product characteristics. To do this, we put our time into research and go in search of environmentally conscious manufacturers with whom we share our values and vision for the future. For every kilo of plastic we sell, we offset with Everwave and gradually rid our rivers of plastic waste.
  3. Using our own and greener energy sources. In our office, we get our energy from solar panels on our roof. We also want to implement this in our logistics warehouse. The production of our MissPompadour Paints relies on heat-cold storage to warm or cool the building using geothermal energy.
  4. Donations instead of discount battles. We regularly combine our own discount campaigns with fundraising. Everyone knows Black Friday - the last week in November when every retailer lures customers with discounts and savings. Why not use this promotion to raise money for a good cause? Instead of Black Friday, MissPompadour offers Better Friday. We donate a portion of our sales - and still give our customers discounts. Our wish is to motivate other retailers to do the same.

Products at MissPompadour

When it comes to products, it's not just about content - we also consciously design the origin, shipping and delivery routes to be recyclable.
Colour can really be sustainable? It sure can! First of all, our colours enhance your walls and furniture. So you always have a new living experience. The raw materials needed for our bases wax within the lifetime of our paints. This means that raw materials are consumed and returned to the cycle.
Our MissPompadour Paints are produced consciously & sustainably from step 1 - although they are a chemical product. Because one no longer excludes the other these days.

Focus on sustainability

  • Highest quality for a long lifetime
  • Production from and with renewable raw materials
  • Use of renewable energy sources for production
  • Recycling of residual materials

Made in Europe

  • Production in Germany & direct neighbouring countries
  • ReducedCO2 footprint due to short transport routes
  • Production with highest EU standards for quality and sustainability

Plant-based paint

  • Up to 60% bio-based raw materials and renewable binders
  • Fillers from second generation biomass
  • Recycling of by-products from edible oil production
  • Water-based and safe for you and your environment


  • Plastic-free
  • Packaging made from recycled and recyclable material
  • Climate neutral with DHL-GoGreen
  • CO2-free same-day delivery in some major cities


Transparency is an important concern for us at MissPompadour. That's why you'll find a clear list of our ingredients on our tins. You can find out more about the ingredients here.

Our colours & varnishes

High quality with conscious raw materials

  • Water
  • Edible oil in 2nd cycle
  • VOC-free in base and pigment
  • Responsibly produced
  • No additional raw material cultivation necessary

That does not come into the can for us

There are usually many typical, harmful ingredients in paints and varnishesn. We do without anything that is not really necessary and can be replaced by other, more environmentally friendly ingredients.
Solvents (VOC)

Solvents, or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), are volatile organic compounds that contain carbon. They can have short- or long-term health effects and are usually the reason why the varnish or paint smells so unpleasant.
If a paint is labelled VOC-free, the amount is below the limit of the European standard.
Most of our products contain much less VOC than the legal limit.We don't want you to have to worry about solvents when painting your furniture and walls - and yet we can ensure the highest quality and durability of the paints.
That's why both our paints and pigments are water-based and VOC-free
. This means that you won't breathe in any vapours when painting or when the paint is drying, and you can safely return to the painted room without having to wait long.

Crude oil

Oil has a bad reputation - and that is not surprising. Considering that its procurement and use are harmful to the environment in every way. The extraction of this finite raw material causes the clearing of forests, pollution of the oceans and species extinction. This behaviour is not particularly sustainable - especially since it takes several million years for this raw material to "grow back".

Synthetic resin

Varnishes with synthetic resin are great: they cover well, are easy to apply and have a high resistance. However, they are less convincing from a health point of view. You pay for the good properties of synthetic resin varnishes with toxic and harmful ingredients. They irritate mucous membranes, which is why you must wear mouth and nose protection when working with them. The vapours from these varnishes can last for several weeks and they must be disposed of properly.

Our brushes

Handmade & Made in Germany

We offset the plastic we sell

Our cooperation with everwave

Not only old furniture deserves a second chance. Unfortunately, vast amounts of plastic and rubbish still end up in our rivers and waterways. With our support, everwave makes sure that this plastic gets out again and can be recycled. Whether in a second cycle or for energy generation - with our support, everwave gives the waste in our waters a second life. For every kilogram of plastic sold by MissPompadour, everwave takes one kilogram of plastic waste out of our waters. In the last few months, we have already been able to compensate for over 1 tonne of plastic.

Paint trays made of plastic - but not for much longer!

You can still find plastic in our shop, especially in our paint trays. Because finding stable, good, sustainable paint trays is not easy. But we are already working flat out on a plastic-free alternative - there's nothing we can't do.


The "social" factor is often forgotten by many companies. Sustainability is not only about the environment, but also about people. Our co-founder Astrid Reintjes is particularly concerned about the possibility of the first labour market for people with "special needs". Our logistics are therefore supported by great employees who would have little chance on the first labour market.
Social and sustainable action are intertwined at our company. Working environment, opportunities, job security and compatibility of family and pet are important pillars of everyday life for us.
  1. Remote work and home office - life-changing for parents with children, employees with pets or colleagues abroad. Whether in Portugal or Brandenburg - anyone can work from home with us
  2. Employment of employees who have little or no chance on the 1st labour market. Everyone can make a career with us
  3. We opt for a deliberately high proportion of women and fair wages for everyone
  4. Flexibility in the office and flexible working time models. We offer our employees individual shift distributions and an individual number of hours. Whether full time, part time or something in between - everyone has the chance to express their own needs. When we are not working from home and are in the office, we are absolutely flexible with dogs here too - so we always have a little office dog pack around :)
  5. We combine discount campaigns with donations - we replace the annual discount battle on Black Friday with a Better Friday and donate to really important social institutions

As you have probably already noticed, we attach great importance to doing our best with regard to people and the environment. Of course, our priorities also include satisfied employees.
This works for us through flat hierarchies, good accessibility across all instances and opportunities for further development. We always give our team members the chance to wax and grow with us. The option to make the best use of one's respective skills is a matter of course for us.

Our company

Sustainability encompasses many different areas. We always try to integrate sustainability and environmental awareness into all further developments and important decisions
  1. Using our own energy: Good weather doesn't just put us in a good mood - we take advantage of this opportunity and fill up the energy storage of our solar panels. After all, why use finite energy sources when our office can also be powered by renewable energy?
  2. We save way: As in any company, we also meet regularly to keep up to date and network with each other. Since our employees are spread all over Germany, and some of them live abroad, this is particularly important. But we also make a point of not extending our travel times unnecessarily. For the few face-to-face meetings, we always travel by train - and thus avoid unnecessary car journeys as much as possible
  3. Making one out of two: Having started with two camps, we quickly decided to merge them. This saves us the transfer from one warehouse to the other to bring orders together and unnecessary kilometres to drive every day. What has become of the empty warehouse? We built our studio there and no longer have to drive our material to a third location.
  4. Marketing flyers, but balanced: We try to do without paper and advertising in our packages - but we can't do completely without printed products and paper. That's why we invest in printing that offsets the resultingCO2 emissions. With every flyer order, a separate portion goes to certified climate projects. In addition, we choose paper types that come from sustainable forestry and are PEFC-certified.
With our paints and varnishesn we support you in designing your home simply and in giving one or the other piece of furniture a new chance. Often, just a little paint is enough to breathe life back into once beloved furniture
Does it make sense to exchange your good kitchen for a new one if you just don't like the colour anymore? Do you really need all the seasonal decorations that only gather dust and are made of plastic and that you get tired of far too quickly? Does the old real wood chest of drawers have to go to the bulky waste to be replaced by a cheap model made of chipboard?
MissPompadour says: No! - Our solution? Simply paint it!

Paint left?

Your painting project is finished, but there's still paint in the can? Find out what you can do with leftover paint without throwing it away, and why it can also be a blessing, in our "How to use leftover paint creatively"!

Re-use, recycle & upcycle - Change instead of throwing away