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What shades of orange are there?

Like all colour shades, orange comes in different shades and gradations. It starts with an intense orange and goes all the way to a soft apricot, which is hardly perceived as a colour in its own right. The term burnt orange is used to describe dark shades of orange that are somewhere between light brown and orange due to brown pigments.

What shades are there?

The most intense orange, which we encounter in road traffic as a signal and warning colour, can also be used as a highlight in interior design.
There are also warm shades of orange that remind us of summer and an orange grove. These include Orange with Tangerine and Orange with Goldfish from MissPompadour.
Orange can also be found in the category of warm spicy shades. Here, red and brown pigment is mixed with orange, resulting in particularly warm and pleasant colour shades. This includesOrange with Chestnut from MissPompadour.
If a strong orange is too intense for you, you can also use orange pastel shades such as Beige with Peach from MissPompadour or LittlePomp Apricot & Cheerful.

The effect of orange as wall paint

If you choose a colour shade from the orange colour scheme as a wall paint for a room to be designed, you will bring warmth and cheerfulness into play. In addition to warmth, orange also brings freshness and mood-lifting moments into your home. Orange also stimulates creativity .

Which rooms to paint in orange?

Although the colour is also said to have a meditative effect, it should not be painted in the bedroom due to the freshness and energy it provides.
In living areas where you want to feel happy, warm and energised, accents in orange are a way of increasing your sense of well-being. In the living room, an orange wall behind a dark brown or blue sofa is a real highlight.
Paint the walls in the children's room orange to create a creative and energising atmosphere. Simply use our wall paints for hard-wearing walls so that the wall can take a beating. However, make sure that this area is not also the bedroom.
In the baby's room, on the other hand, you can create a relaxing atmosphere with light, reddish orange tones. Your baby will be familiar with these colour shades from the womb.
If you're a fan of the 70s, an orange kitchen is almost a must. With a green tiled splashback or a green wall, you can create remarkable accents.

Tips for the trend colour orange

Precisely because orange is a forgotten colour shade, the rediscovery of this colour is often a surprise and leads to real wow effects. Used skilfully with the right colours, it can be used to develop a completely unique, individual furnishing style

Living styles and trends in shades of orange

Orange is surprisingly versatile: for a Mediterranean style, combine the muted orange tones with White and natural colours.
For the retro style of the 60s and 70s, orange is almost a classic and revives bygone times together with yellow and brown tones.
If you have a more Nordic interior, use brownish orange for the Hygge and Scandy styles.
Not to be forgotten: Orange tones in combination with deep brown and black tones are also ideal for an oriental ambience to create a mysterious atmosphere. Metallic silver tones go well here.
Light orange also works wonderfully if you like a natural living style. The combination with natural materials creates a harmonious picture and provides successful accents.

Which colours go well with orange?

Orange is created by combining red, which stands for energy, with yellow, which stands for cheerfulness. This is why orange is a wonderful contrast to dark, strong colour shades. The combination with deep midnight blue, such as Blue with Midnight from MissPompadour, is particularly spectacular. A calm green such as Green with Olive can also form a very harmonious combination with a delicate orange such as Orange with Salmon

Of course, all brown and earth tonescomplement orange in a particularly beautiful way, as we already knew in the 70s. Brown with Black by MissPompadour gives a strong orange such as Orange with Tangerine a background against which the strong orange can shine without being overpowering.
Don't neglect the option of combiningorange with neutral tones such as white or grey. A grey of medium colour intensity, such as the Grey with Black from MissPompadour, creates an atmospheric combination with a soft orange tone such as Orange with Salmon. Warm white, such as White with Melting from MissPompadour, goes well with all shades of orange, while brownish orange shades such as Orange with Chestnut create a Mediterranean ambience.

What can I combine orange with in style?

Depending on the style, natural materials such as rattan, linen or cotton go well with orange. Decorative items made of ceramic or with a metallic look can further emphasise the effect. Plants in rich shades of green emphasise the oriental or Mediterranean orientation of your interior. There are no limits to your imagination and creativity with this colour
Especially in a bright living room with lots of plants, orange tones lift the mood, have an inviting effect in a wide variety of shades and create a good atmosphere with their cosy effect.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour Paint?

You can find orange paint in all colour qualities: orange wood paint, orange chalk paint or emulsion paint. No matter whether you want to paint your kitchen orange, give tiles a new look or make a wall shine in this cheerful colour.

Wall paints in orange

With orange wall paints, you can choose between the sustainable wall paintThe Valuable Wall Paint or the extremely robust, wipeable The Functional Wall Paint from MissPompadour, depending on your requirements.
LittlePomp offers the chalk paint Apricot & Cheerful, a very soft, pastel beige colour with orange tones.

Orange varnishes for painting indoors and outdoors

Of course, you can also redesigna chest of drawers or wardrobe with orange varnishes. The varnishes from MissPompadour, CosyColours and LittlePomp are available for this purpose.

Colour in different qualities & gloss levels

You can also choose between different qualities here. At MissPompadour you will find the matt varnish quality Matt Varnish, CosyColours chalk varnish and the LittlePomp chalk varnish. These qualities produce a matt, powdery surface and are suitable for areas that are only exposed to low levels of stress
If the surface is rather smooth, such as tiles or glass, the silk matt varnish quality is the right choice after priming with a primer. Here you can choose from the Eggshell varnishes at MissPompadour.

Buy orange wall paint in the MissPompadour online shop

So dare to try the colour orange!
If you don't like it after a while, that's no problem at all. You can simply paint over all our wall paints and varnishes. Convince yourself of the incredible opacity with which you can really paint over any colour shade. By the way:
you canuse our colour cards to decide in advance which orange suits you best. You can also easily find the right combination colours this way.