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What shades of blue are there?

When you think of blue, you can probably think of many variations, almost more than with other colours: Sky blue, deep blue, sea blue and many, many more. In terms of its effect, blue is more of a cool colour shade. Blue radiates calm and at the same time reminds us of the vastness of the ocean, the cooling and clarifying effect of water, as well as the infinity of the sky and thus the distance.
But blue can also create a warm effect as soon as it contains parts of red. Different colour nuances with their respective effects are therefore suitable for different rooms.

Different shades of blue

Firstly, get an overview of the different shades so that you can choosea suitable shade of bluemore easily . After all, you can choose between different variations of blue, for example dark blue, a delicate pastel blue, greyish dove blue and many other shades
The following shades of blue are available
  • with a black component, for example Blue with Black from MissPompadour
  • with a strong grey component of reduced colour intensity, such as Blue Grey from Painting The Past and Blue with Fog from MissPompadour
  • pure blue tones of medium intensity such as Blue with Jeans
  • blue mixed with red, for example Blue with Violet
  • light, pastel shades that are generally known as sky blue - including Blue with Cloud

The effect of blue as a wall paint

Blue has a cool, calming and clarifying effect. An accent wall painted in a deep dark blue makes the room cosier without constricting it. There is a reason why bedrooms with blue walls are the trend par excellence.
A maritime, pure blue, on the other hand, gives a fresh and expansive feel, creating the impression of cleanliness and an endless horizon. Light blue visually enlarges rooms and has a relaxing effect at the same time due to its coolness. You can concentrate effortlessly with this colour. As you can see, different shades of blue have different effects on your rooms and your mood.

For which rooms is blue best suited?

Due to its soothing and liberating effect, shades of blue are ideal for wall design in areas where you are looking for peace and serenity. Blue is a great choice for your bedroom or living room.
  • Bedroom: A deep blue wall in the bedroom, for example behind the bed or behind the sofa in the living room, is a real eye-catcher. In combination with soft earth and white tones, you can create a cosy atmosphere in which you can recharge your batteries.
  • Bathroom: In the bathroom, you can use maritime and particularly fresh shades of blue to give yourself an extra boost of freshness in the morning and get the day off to a good start. Porcelain and Swedish Blue from Painting the Past are suitable for this. Other ideas for your bathroom include painting the ceiling in an almost white blue, such as Blue with Snow, and extending the paint to the centre of the wall. Embellish the lower section of the walls with a warm dark blue
  • Children's room: As an idea for the design of the children's room, you can combine light blue with earth tones to create a cosy and homely atmosphere
If the pastel touch of light blue wall paint particularly appeals to you, you can use it in the children's room or office. Beautiful examples of this are Blue with Cloud from MissPompadour, LittlePomp Blue & Calm or the slightly bluish white Something Blue from Painting the Past.
Of course, there are also spectacular blue colours that can be used to create exciting accents. Used sparingly, it can have an extraordinary effect. These include the Blue with Violet from MissPompadour and the Indigo from Painting the Past.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour?

In our shop you will find blue varnishes for all your furniture, as well as tiles, kitchens and many other projects. Of course, you can also order wall and chalk paints for all your walls from us

wall paints in blue

Our manufacturers offer you a wide range of blue wall paints:
The MissPomapadour wall paint comes in two versions. The Valuable Wall Paint is the sustainable wall paint with an elegant, very matt finish. If you need something extra robust, choose The Functional Wall Paint, as it is absolutely abrasion and impact resistant and can also be wiped clean.
The velvety chalk paints from Painting the Past and LittlePomp offer a wide range of other blue colours. If you want to buy a blue wall paint, you have the choice between different qualities that exactly match your requirements.

Varnish in blue

If you want to paint your furniture, tiles, stairs or floors, we also offer a full selection of blue varnisheshere . All blue colour shades are also available in robust varnish qualities and in various gloss levels.

varnishes in various qualities

Matt, semi-gloss or gloss - our blue varnishes are available in two different finishes:
  • Matt varnishes look restrained and natural. Choose between MissPompadour matt varnish, Painting the Past matt varnish, CosyColours chalk varnish and LittlePomp chalk varnish
  • Silk matt varnish looks good on all surfaces. It is robust yet discreet. You can choose between MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish and Painting the Past varnish Eggshell.
Note that the semi-gloss varnishes are the most robust. We therefore recommend these silk matt qualities for surfaces subject to heavy wear, such as kitchens, tiles or floors.

Tips on the relaxing trend colour

Precisely because the colour scheme is so broad, you can use blue in very different areas of your home with different effects. Be inspired by our large selection of colours and integrate shades of blue into your own personal living style.

Living styles and trends in shades of blue

The blue colour scheme has a broad spectrum of different nuances. This makes these colour shades suitable for many different living styles. From country house style to art deco and boho style , there are no limits to how you can use them. You can even use this versatile colour shade in warm living styles such as 60s or oriental interiors.
If you prefer strong blue tones and a natural effect, we recommend the maritime living style, which is often used in bathrooms and guest toilets. However, it can also add character to living rooms and entrance areas.

Which colours harmonise well with blue?

Many colours can be perfectly combined with blue. You can emphasise the effect of blue with warm white tones. Dark blue forms a strong contrast to white, while light blue really comes into its own in combination with clear white. Warm sand and earthy colour shades provide a pleasant frame for the cool colour shade and further emphasise the relaxing effect.
With the complementary colour orange or a strong red, you can achieve an unusual constellation. Make sure the red has a bluish undertone so that the colours harmonise perfectly with each other.
If you want to be particularly bold, you can paintan accent wall in orange wall paint and paint the furniture in front of it in a strong or dark blue.
Deep blue wall paint behind a red chest of drawers is a very special eye-catcher. A soft, but no less attractive, combination is an orange piece of furniture against a blue-grey wall paint. And the neutral colour blue-grey allows even more wonderful colour combinations. Natural tones, such as the warm Brown with Nougat or the Green with Sage from MissPompadour, as well as white tones in all shades, but also signal colours such as the Pink with Peony harmonise beautifully with it.
Ultimately, you can paint almost all your rooms with the different shades of blue, because it supports your ideas through and through.

If you are looking for a greenish blue, we have wall paint in turquoise and petrol for you.

What can I combine the blue colour scheme with?

Blue adapts to all interior styles and provides a beautiful background for natural materials. Use it with light-coloured natural wood, lush green plants and natural fabrics such as linen or cotton. Wicker and rattan furniture also accentuate blue colour shades. Decorate in velvet and accessories in gold or copper tones if you want to achieve a sophisticated effect. Golden and yellow-gold colour shades generally go very well with dark blue. The great thing is that this versatile colour gives you plenty of scope and doesn't limit your options.

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