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Buy paints in the MissPompadour Paint online shop: Choose from hundreds of products

It doesn't always have to be new decorations - instead, simply adapt your walls and furniture to the season or your new style. At MissPompadour, you can choose from a wide range of colour shades, gloss levels and application areas. In our range you will find various manufacturers of high-quality varnishes and wall paints. Be it the traditional colours from Painting the Past or the sustainable varnishes and emulsion paints from our own collections. Save yourself a trip to the DIY store - buy your paint online from our shop.

Which colour should it be?

In our online shop, you'll find colours for every occasion and every project you can think of.
Both our varnishes and wall paints impress with their opacity and depth of colour. Use the interior wall paint for your bedroom, children's room or kitchen. All our colours do not evaporate and are completely harmless to health. All paint qualities are available in all colour shades.

Design your home with the following paints and varnishes:

We have the right colours for your DIY project

Are you looking for wall paint for indoors, do you no longer like your wooden kitchen or could your old chest of drawers be more colourful? You can buy paint online from us for all occasions.
Our range offers you powdery matt chalk paints for your walls, as well as sustainable emulsion paint from various brands. For rooms where a lot happens, such as bathrooms, kitchens and children's rooms, you can order washable wall paint. One advantage of our wall paints is that they stick to almost any surface. You can use them to paint emulsion paint and even latex paint. With our interior paints, you can give your walls a completely new look with a fresh coat of paint.

We offer the varnishes in various gloss levels.
On the one hand, you will find matt variants:
MissPompadour Matt Varnish, the varnish made from renewable raw materials or our LittlePomp chalk varnishes, as well as CosyColours chalk varnish, perfect for a powdery-matt shabby-style finish. Each collection offers a very special selection of colours, so there is something for every taste.

MissPompadour offers lacquer paint for wood that is subject to heavy wear, as a robust finish is particularly important here. For a stable semi-gloss finish that can withstand a little wear and tear, MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish. These varnishes are barely glossy and range from a powdery-silky to a completely smooth look. Simply buy the colour that suits you best.

There is a large selection of different colour shades to choose from:
If you like it modern and clean, take a look at our colours in shades of grey. For a warm ambience, we recommend wall and furniture colours in beige and all its many shades. We also offer a wide range of colours in our shop for fans of bright and vibrant colour shades. As you can see, you can easily buy all colours from us. The colour schemes differ depending on the manufacturer. Where Painting the Past impresses with rather reserved, greyish colour shades, MissPompadour Paint also shines with bold colours. With all our brands, you will find the colour shades in different gradations.

What surfaces can you buy colours for?

There are many reasons to paint: You want a change of style, the old tiles in your new house are too reminiscent of the 60s or your wooden furniture looks too dark and oppressive. We have the right varnishes for all these situations and more.
Simply order varnishes and wall paint online for every occasion and surface:

Our top collections for you

  • MissPompadour Just paint wall paint and varnishes
  • LittlePomp chalk paint and chalk varnishes
  • CosyColours chalk varnishes

Our range offers you various products so that you can order colours tailored to your needs.
Do you value sustainability, short delivery routes and colours made from sustainable raw materials when painting? Then go for the varnishes and wall paints from MissPompadour. If you are looking for soft, pastel colours, especially - but not only - for children's and baby rooms, our LittlePomp collection is made for you.
If you particularly like shabby and Scandi styles and matt colours are your favourite, then you can achieve the desired effect with the chalk varnishes from CosyColours.

That's what we stand for: Sustainable colour from MissPompadour

Sustainability is an important issue for MissPompadour. That's why we have focussed on sustainable raw materials for our own brand.
You will find that our own varnishes and wall paints are in no way inferior to those of other manufacturers in terms of robustness, strong coverage and quality. Incidentally, not only the base, but also the plastic packaging of our wall paints is made from recycled materials. Sustainable all round!
So you can buy paint from us with a clear conscience.

Why you should order your paint from the MissPompadour Paint online shop

At MissPompadour, you not only benefit from the wide colour scheme in various gloss levels. We offer you fast delivery with DHL GoGreen in sustainable packaging. Our colours are protected by recycled and recyclable paper, and we do not use plastic at all.
If you want to buy paint from us, but have questions about the application or need help deciding on a colour shade, our free colour consultation is available to you. Our expert customer service team will be happy to help you choose the right products.
In addition to many other payment methods, we also offer purchase on account, which can be particularly important for large projects.