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What shades of white are available?

White can be tinted with almost all shades of the colour spectrum. This results in a completely different effect of the white tone used. There are cool and warm shades of white, but also neutral white without the addition of pigments.

What shades are there?

Firstly, there is pure white, to which no pigments are added. This is a clear tone that does not tend in any other colour direction. Pure white can be used neutrally with all other colours. Choose MissPompadour White with White or CosyColours True White here.

If you want your white to have a friendly, cheerful appearance, choose a creamy white, which has a sunny and warm effect thanks to the addition of yellow pigment. Typical examples of this shade are White with Sun by MissPompadour or LittlePomp White & Friendly.
A completely neutral shade of white, tinted with grey and yellow pig ment, is White with Melting from MissPompadour.
White with Character by MissPompadour omits the yellow pigment and is therefore only mixed with grey pigment. White shades with grey pigment are clear and pure and softer than the pure white shades.

Then, of course, there are the many shades of white that are mixed with other pigments.
These variations include:
- White with Linden Green from MissPompadour contains green pigment
you will find a blue undertone in Blue with Snow from MissPompadour
- in White with Powder from MissPompadour, reddish pigments make the white glow

What effect does white have as a wall paint?

White is the classic wall paint that we don't actually perceive as a colour. White stands for purity, perfection and new beginnings. With a pure white, you emphasise this effect.
White as a ceiling colour gives your room more visual height, walls painted with white interior paint enlarge your room overall and give it freshness. You can set different accents with your choice of white colour: with a warm shade of white, you bring the sun into your home, which makes the room appear cosy. With a cool tone, you can emphasise the fresh and cooling effect of white, which can give the room a distant impression.

Which rooms is white suitable for?

Thanks to its neutral properties, white is suitable for all rooms. Whether you want to paint your kitchen, bathroom or living room with white interior wall paints or whether your staircase, children's room or bedroom needs a refresh, white interior paint is always the right choice. If you have painted a coloured accent wall, white with White with White always looks harmonious.

Tips for classic wall paints

Because white wall paint is simply white in the imagination, but in reality there are countless nuances, it is advisable to consult the colour cards, especially for the fine gradations of this colour . Then you can judge which colour shade will achieve the desired effect for your living situation.

Living styles and trends in shades of white

Shades of white are suitable for many living styles. They go particularly well with Bauhaus-style interiors. This is because a white background effectively emphasises simple, modern shapes. To ensurethat the overall impression does not appear inexpressive, combine it with a strong colour on a single wall or on home textiles and upholstery.
White in all its different shades and pigments is also used again and again in shabby and vintage styles.
White tinted with grey is also a must in the country house style. Use white furniture paint for the rustic charm of your old furniture and paint the walls in a light grey or blue, for example.

Which colour shades go well with white?

Due to its neutrality, white actually goes well with all colour shades. You can use white as a contrast to other colours or as a frame for a wall in a contrasting colour. Let yourself be inspiredby our intense colour shades: A wall in an accent colour works wonderfully in a room where white predominates. White is also always a good choice as a calm background for furniture and furnishings in strong colours.
Black is a good combination colour, especially if you want to design your rooms in a modern style. Paint the plastered walls in your bathroom with a warm creamy white such as White with Sun and use Black with Velvet as a contrast. This simple combination can look very sophisticated with the right decoration.
The look is particularly harmonious if you choose a green pigmented white to go with a green colour. For example, if you paint a cabinet in Green with Forest from MissPompadour, the wall behind it in White with Linden Green may look white, but it will blend together harmoniously. This also applies to other colours, such as dark blue, for example Blue with Midnight from MissPompadour with a blue-pigmented white such as Blue with Snow.
The delicate MissPompadour White with Powder, for example, looks very harmonious with pink-painted walls.

What can I combine white with?

Natural wood furniture and accessories in bold colours look great with White to give your home a personal touch. Decorations in pastel, black, petrol or even sunny yellow go wonderfully with white. Embellish your walls with photos and pictures in bold colours. With a dark picture frame in a matching colour shade, you can make your white wall paint look twice as good.
So you have all the options open to you to find your own personal furnishing style with White.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour Paint?

We offer white in all colour qualities that you can use for your project. Whether it's high-coverage white wall paint, ceiling paint in white or varnishes and chalk paints. We have the right quality for all substrates and surfaces.

Wall paints in white

Whether you want to give plaster or wallpaper a new coat of paint, we have the interior paint for your needs. If walls in the stairwell, hallway or kitchen need a makeover and you are looking for a quality with a high wet abrasion class, our robust paint The Functional Wall Paint is just right for you. It gives you an indestructible and wipeable paint that will give you pleasure for a long time to come
If you want to paint with a matt and velvety colour, you should choose The Valuable Wall Paint from MissPompadour or the chalky wall paints from the LittlePomp collection.

varnishes in white

Don't forget that all our manufacturers alsoofferthe entire range of white tones as a paint quality. You can freshen up your furniture with white wood paint. You can also transform tiles, metal and your radiators with white tile paint. Whether you want to give your ageing room doors or the tiled splashback from the 80s a new look, there are no limits to your imagination and creativity with white lacquer. You can also find other lacquer colours in our CosyColours chalk varnish collection .

Colours in different qualities

Depending on your requirements for the varnish, you can choose between different gloss levels. If you want to revamp your kitchen, you should use the Eggshell Varnish quality from MissPompadour.
For an old piece of furniture that needs to retain its character, a matt varnish quality such as the Matt Varnish quality from MissPompadour, the LittlePomp chalk varnish or the CosyColours chalk varnish is also more suitable.

Frequently asked questions about white wall paints

We often receive questions from our customers about wall paints in shades of white

Does white already cover the first coat?

The extent to which a wall paint in cream white, for example, already covers with the first coat depends on several factors. It certainly makes a difference whether you are painting on plaster or wallpaper and also what colour the wall you want to paint is. The opacity of our paints is very high, but just one coat will not be enough to paint over a dark wall
We generally advise you to always paint our colours twice so that they can develop their full, velvety effect.

Which white wall paints are free from harmful substances?

The Valuable Wall Paint from MissPompadour is the most ecological paint in our range. Of all the colours in our shop, it is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is also reflected in the low concentration of harmful substances.
Thanks to our sustainable paints, you don't have to worry about your health when painting. The premium wall paints are odourless, water-dilutable and low in solvents. They are also water-based, which makes them easy to wash off hands and painting tools until they have dried.

Order wall and chalk paint in white online from MissPompadour

Benefit from several advantages when you order paint from us: you get our free customer advice with your purchase. We will support you in advance of your project by phone, WhatsApp, email and also via our social media channels.
By the way, you will find sustainable painting tools here, so you don't have to compromise on sustainability when it comes to tools either.
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