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What shades of beige are there?

As with all colours, there is no such thing as beige. Depending on the additional pigments that are added to the colour, many nuances can result. Beige has everything from a cool to a warm, sandy colour scheme. Whether with a grey undertone, yellow or even reddish - this is exactly what makes beige the perfect combination colour.

What shades are there?

There is, for example, the colour shade Creme - a very light beige, with clear hints of yellow, like our White with Vanilla or Creme Beige from the CosyColours collection. If you add a touch of grey to this colour, you get sand, which already looks a little cooler, for example Beige with Sand. There arealso other shades of sand.
Beige becomes warmer in the other direction when it contains a touch of red and is then generally known as powder. An elegant colour is White with Powder.
The beige colour scheme is always grounding and brings calm to your home.

What effect does beige have as a wall paint?

When appliedto the wall, the entire beige colour schemecreates a calming effect. In addition to the warmth and stability emanating from this colour, it also radiates a sense of security. Beige stands for nature, cosiness and relaxation. As a wall paint, beige with a touch of grey has the character of a canvas that offers you many design options.

Which rooms is beige suitable for?

Beige is particularly popular as a wall paint in living rooms. Beige wall paints are particularly suitable for these rooms:

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Study

As you spend a lot of time there, this colour is particularly suitable - it is not too intense that you quickly get tired of it or feel cramped by it.

Beige offers you the opportunity to change the decoration. After all, both delicate, pastel spring decorations and bold colours at Christmas time unfold their effect against beige. Beige is also a good choice for the bedroom, as its warm radiance has a calming effect. Regardless of whether you prefer Creme Beige or Gold Beige as your wall paint - Beige can be applied to the walls in all its nuances.

Tips for the trend colour beige

Especially with easy-to-use colours such as the entire colour scheme of beige, it is important to have a few tips at hand to get the best out of the colour combination. This grounding colour shade can be combined universally thanks to the calmness it radiates.

Living styles and trends in beige tones

Beige is a real all-rounder! Because whether you combine it with a deep blue in a maritime style or with a more washed-out grey and white because you are furnished in a country house style - beige is always a good addition without stealing the show from the other colours.
However, it is also impossible to imagine classic living styles, such as French country house or shabby style, without beige in its many nuances. A light beige takes away the strong contrasts of a Scandi interior in black and white and creates a cosy atmosphere.
You can also use a wide variety of beige shades in a clear living style such as hygge, in which white dominates. White goes particularly well with muted tones such as beige, taupe or greige. This brings warmth and cosiness to your interior.

Which colour shades go well with beige?

Beige not only suits a wide variety of interior styles, but also a wide range of colour shades. As it is discreet and never overpowering, you can combine it very well with strong colours, for example - it is best to choose colours such as red, orange and purple for a warm beige. But blue and green can also be easily combined with the wall paints beige.
Perhaps you paint an accent wall in a woody green colour, and then a light beige goes well with the surrounding walls.
If you prefer an elegant and calm interior, beige also goes well with grey and white furniture. For a calm atmosphere, sandy beige also goes well tone-in-tone with warm earth tones or white wall paints.

What can I combine beige with?

Beige is a natural colour and nature is often the first thing you associate with this colour shade. This can also be transferred to the furnishings.
The wall paints Beige with Sand go well with decoration with driftwood elements. Especially if you want to create a maritime interior . In general, natural materials such as seagrass and natural woods go almost perfectly with brown and beige wall paints.
Combined with jute and linen, your home will be particularly stylish!

Another wonderful combination is wall paint in beige with pink, decorated with golden elements or a beautiful leather armchair! Both go great with a warm beige colour. For example, if you have painted a chest of drawers in beige furniture paint, why not add a picture frame or lamp in gold? This will also create an elegant and sophisticated interior.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour Paint?

You can find wall paints and varnishes from different collections in our online shop. Paint with matt chalk paint or use our sustainable wall and furniture paints. You're guaranteed to find the right colour shade here.

Wall paints in beige

You can buy a large selection of wall paints in beige from us. Whether you want to paint your living room in a warm, creamy tone, such asBeige with Cashmere, or are looking for a cool, sandy beige for a well-lit room, such asBeige with Sand - you will definitely find what you are looking for here.
If your walls are subject to more wear and tear and need to be wipeable, you can use our washable wall and chalk paints just as well. Among them, The Functional Wall Paint is particularly suitable for high-traffic areas such as hallways, kitchens and children's rooms.

Varnishes in beige

All the wonderful shades of beige are also available as coloured varnishes. You can use beige varnish to transform furniture, decorations, wall panelling or even tiled walls in your bathroom.
If you want to make your bathroom cosy, for example, we recommend the maritime style. You can also use one of our many beige varnishes for this. Decorate or paint in matching blue and white with wooden decorative elements and the holiday feeling will be perfect.

The varnishes in the MissPompadour Just paint collection are available in 2 qualities: The silky matt Eggshell Varnish is extremely hard-wearing. Matt Varnish is matt and decorative. You can find elegant beige shades in the CosyColours chalk varnish collection as well as in the LittlePomp chalk shades.


You can order beige from us not only in different shades, but also in different qualities, whether as a beige wall paint or as furniture paint.
Whether you want to paint glossy, semi-gloss or completely matt, find the right finish for you.
Of course, you'll also find what you're looking for if you want chalk paint in beige. This is particularly impressive with its matt, chic look and is practically completely odourless. In general, you can apply all our wall paints in any room.

Order wall and chalk paint in beige online at MissPompadour

Simply order our sustainable wall paints and powdery chalk paints in many charming shades of beige directly and transform your home into your oasis of well-being in no time at all.
Need helpchoosing the right beige colour? Simply contact our customer service team. We ship via DHL GoGreen and you can start painting within justa few days.