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What shades of green are there?

In our colour scheme you will find a variety of different shades of green. There are aqua tones, in which the blue component dominates, and lime tones, in which the yellow component predominates. You will find everything from light, restrained greens such as lime green to a deep dark green that is reminiscent of the leaves of tropical plants. So there's something for every style.

What shades are there?

Green is the first colour that comes to mind when you hear the word "nature".
So it comes in a wide range of variations and shades. Starting with a light, slightly greyish and subtle sage green, through the strong and light apple green, to the dark and deep forest green. Of course, there are plenty of intermediate shades and combinations such as olive, bottle green, khaki, turquoise and lime. Together with red and earth tones, you can create shades that look almost brown.
You've already realised: there are no limits to your ideas with green.

The effect of green as a wall paint

Green tones radiate harmony and serenity, which makes them calming. The colour is also associated with life, nature, contentment and hope. Forest and leaf green colour shades have a balancing effect and create harmony.
The aqua shades create freshness and relaxation, while the yellowish green shades have an invigorating and stimulating effect.
If you decide to buy a green wall paint, why not be bold and choose a dark green chalk paint, such as Camouflage from Painting the Past, a dark olive green.
Choose a wall paint in dark green to create a cosy, calming atmosphere on one wall.
Green with Forest from MissPompadour, for example, is an excellent wall paint for your living room or bedroom.
Sage green wall paint also has a relaxing effect, such as Green with Sage from MissPompadour.

Which rooms is green suitable for?

Because of their positive properties, shades of green are actually suitable for all rooms in the house. Both cooler and warmer tones have a positive effect on a healthy living environment, depending on the room.
  • A bathroom painted in aqua tones can support a positive start to the day.
  • A bedroom painted in a soft sage green colour calms the senses and promotes restful sleep.
  • But living rooms painted in mint green wall paints also radiate cosiness and have both a relaxing and balancing effect.
If you prefer a dark, deep tone, you can paint an accent wall in the living room or bedroom and then paint the rest of the walls a soft rose colour. This will also create a relaxing and calming effect without having to sacrifice strong tones.

Tips for the trend colour green

There is a suitable green for every interior design style. Whether you want to paint your dining room in a matt chalk paint, freshen up your bathroom tiles with a mint-coloured chalk varnish or give your entrance area a classic look with a timeless, washable, elegant dark green.

Living styles and trends in shades of green

There are blue- and yellow-toned shades of green. All colour shades - whether yellow, pink or red - actually go well with the bluish green tones. If you want to paint a room that contains many different colours, blue with green tones is always the best choice.
All in all, green conveys freshness and vitality. You can apply this wall paint wherever there is a lot going on. It is therefore ideal for living rooms and kitchens.
Green is very popular in the English interior style. It is also popular in the Boho style, where green is often used as a strong accent.

Which colour goes well with green?

Natural and earthy tones go particularly well.
If you have painted olive green as a wall paint, a warm beige, for example, will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. You can either paint it on the other walls in the room or use it to freshen up your furniture.
If you have painted sage green as a wall paint, add cherry wood furniture or decorate the floor with a red-brown rug. With our chalk paints in sage green in particular, you can achieve a velvety matt effect against which the other colours really shine.

A light, soft apple green can create a vibrant effect in contrast with a strong pink, perfect for the boho style.
Alternatively, you can paint your walls in a restrained pink and place a dark green chest of drawers in front of it - decorated with gold elements, you'll achieve a sophisticated, confident look. This goes particularly well with a romantic, French interior design style.
Aqua tones create a great effect alongside pastel shades such as a soft pink or a light sand tone.
Warm green, such as our Green with Apple, always combines well with light, warm cream tones.
But also blue and petrol shades can be seen with woodsy greens such as Green with Forest.
Combine Green with Moss and Blue with Cloud to create a fresh yet relaxing impression. Green with Lagoon and Green with Aqua are ideal if you want to create a calming wellness area.

You can create an exciting contrast by combining green with a signal colour such as orange or yellow. The colour scheme from MissPompadour includes the fantastic Orange with Goldfish or Yellow with Saffron. A yellow wall with a green-painted chest of drawers creates an exciting effect. The signal colours can serve as accents alongside the green tone.

What can I combine green with?

Honey-coloured wooden furniture goes well with any shade. Furnish the room with decorative items such as cushions in a peach-coloured rose - paired with golden elements such as candlesticks or table legs, you can achieve a lively, harmonious effect.
Rose gold, copper or silver can also be combined with all different shades of green, and we recommend white furniture. For an elegant, more mature style, you can use a deep wine red instead of rosé, such as the Red with Merlot from MissPompadour, preferably in combination with an olive tone.
If you like to decorate your room with plants, a bluish green is recommended, as this goes well with various plants. Green tones can be combined with rustic wood in exactly the same way - this looks particularly natural and lively.
Oak is also a great match for green with blue tones - whether as parquet flooring or furniture.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour Paint?

You can order all shades of green from us as wall and furniture colours. If you paint the wall and the piece of furniture in front of it in the same colour shade, you have the option of making your piece of furniture disappear in front of the wall. Or - the other way round - emphasise it perfectly by painting it in the varnish of your choice. This also brings more calm to the room.

wall paints in green

You'll find every shade of green wall paint for your project in our shop. Whether you're looking for a fresh, delicate lime green for your dining room or a dark forest green for your living room, a turquoise aqua green for the bathroom or a greyish green for the hallway - you can buy your wall paint in green for any project.
If you're looking for a robust colour for your heavy-duty walls, our washable wall and chalk paintsare just as suitable.

varnishes in green

Of course, you can also find all our green shades in robust varnish qualities. Paint your bathroom walls in a fresh white with our tile paintand combine it with a light green. We also have chalk paints for furniture in green. How about CosyColours Sunday Stroll Green for your kitchen buffet? This will give it an elegant, fresh look.
Or give your old wall unit a sophisticated, dark green coat of paint with furniture paint in green. But your floors can also be embellished with the varnish qualities. Perhaps you'd like to use a light grey-green for your kitchen floor?


Of course, you can paint more than just furniture and walls.
If you want to adapt an old oak chest of drawers to the country house style, paint it in a fresh, matt green. Use one of our matt chalk paints from CosyColours in dark or sage green, for example Mystic Lake Green or Magical Green. Our furniture varnishes such as Green with Grey in Matt Varnish from MissPompadour and the LittlePomp chalk varnishes are also suitable.
Go for our green coloured varnishes if you want to paint your tile wall in the kitchen or bathroom in an invigorating, semi-gloss green. Use one of the Eggshell Varnishes from MissPompadour. Green with Pistachio orGreen with Matcha are particularly appetising.
The colours for metal can also be easily painted over.

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