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Wall paints for wallpaper & woodchip: what you need to know

Everyone has a room in their flat or house that could do with more colour! This also applies to a wallpapered wall.
Not just woodchip wallpaper - you can also paint paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper, patterned wallpaper and textured wallpaper perfectly. No matter what type - you can paint all your walls with our colours! Painting offers you the ideal opportunity to give your home a new look again and again. Painting an accent wall in the room in a different colour is actually just as quick as a tour of the furniture stores in search of new decorations.
Here you will find important information on wall paint for the different types of wall paints.

What distinguishes wall paint for wallpaper & woodchip?

With our wall paints, you can give a plain wallpaper a sophisticated and special look. The particularly powdery and matt look of our sustainable paints and chalk paints turns the dullest wallpaper into an eye-catcher. The paint has super opacity, is abrasion-resistant and robust, and is practically odourless. You are spoilt for choice, because we offer hundreds of colour shades. So, which is your favourite shade?

Can you paint colour over any wallpaper?

Basically, you can paint over any wallpaper with a brush or paint roller. The paint is of course suitable for woodchip wallpaper. It is important that it is still firmly attached to the wall. If it is partially loose, the moisture created during painting can cause the wallpaper to come loose further. If the wallpaper was wallpapered well, you will usually no longer see the edges of the individual strips after painting.

Common uses for wallpaper paint

Sometimes it's not the pattern of the textured wallpaper that bothers you, but simply the colour. And woodchip wallpaper was invented for changing colour frequently anyway. So it's perfect for us colour-crazy people!
Or the retro pattern on your non-woven wallpaper that was popular a few years ago no longer suits your style - a fresh coat of paint can also help. You can also paint your textured wallpaper.
Your wallpapered ceiling can be transformed just as easily with our colours!

Choose the right colour for your wallpaper

In our shop, we have a large selection of different wall paints that you can use for your wallpaper! To make your decision easier, we have put them together in a small overview.

Which paint is suitable for painting over wallpaper?

All of our wall paints are perfect for painting wallpaper. You can choose from hundreds of great colour shades from MissPompadour - The Valuable Wall Paint and MissPompadour - The Functional Wall Paint, to LittlePomp chalk paintsand Painting the Past wall paints. Even if the wallpaper has already been painted with emulsion paint or latex paint, you can paint it again without any problems.

Ifyou also want to paint plastered, heavily used walls, we also have suitable washable wall paints in our range.

These products are suitable for your wallpaper

MissPompadour - The Valuable Wall Paint

MissPompadour's own brand. High quality ecological colours with a noble matt finish.

  • strong opacity
  • wide range of finely coordinated clear and powdery colour shades
  • high proportion of renewable raw materials from sustainable production
  • lowest possible VOC content
  • in 1 l and 2.5 l containers
  • colour cards available

MissPompadour - The Functional Wall Paint

MissPompadour's own brand. Hard-wearing colours with a matt finish.

  • ideal for walls subject to heavy wear
  • scrub-resistant and impact-resistant
  • high opacity and wide range of colours
  • lowest possible VOC content
  • in 1 l and 2.5 l containers
  • colour cards available

Painting the Past wall paints

Stylish chalk paints with a nostalgic look

  • high opacity with a finely differentiated colour scheme
  • unobtrusive, in the style of old English cottages
  • matt, subtle and soft
  • powdery, smooth surface
  • Tester 60 ml and 2.5 l containers
  • colour cards available

LittlePomp chalk paints

Soft colour shades, not just for children's rooms

  • chalky matt wall paints with very good coverage
  • solvent-free, saliva-proof and odourless
  • 2.5 litre container
  • colour cards available

Use this paint for woodchip wallpaper

Do you want to paint woodchip wallpaper? The paint qualities listed above are all suitable for woodchip wallpaper. Make sure that the wallpaper can take the paint well. It should neither be too absorbent nor too water-repellent. It is best to try out how the paint behaves on your surface beforehand.

Painting wallpaper & woodchip: 3 tips for application

  • Tip 1: Before you start painting, you can first fill old wallpaper holes, cracks or nail holes with our To Fill - MissPompadour Filler.
  • Tip 2: You can easily paint over your wallpaper. It's best to pour the paint into a paint tray. You can use our brushes for all corners and edges and paint the surfaces with a paint roller. You can also use a small Roller. Our wall paints are quite heavy - you'll last longer with the smaller roller!
  • Tip 3: As woodchip is uneven, it is advisable to work crosswise. This means you first paint a surface from top to bottom and then again crosswise. This way you can reach all the recesses. If you have a highly textured surface, a high-pile paint roller may be a good option.

Order paint for woodchip and other wallpapers in the MissPompadour Paint shop

Why should you order your paint from MissPompadour? We attach particular importance to sustainability with our MissPompadour wall paints. Our Matt Varnish paint is vegan and contains a large proportion of plant-based raw materials that can be re-waxed within the lifetime of your paint. Naturally, they are solvent-free with an extremely low preservative content. Thanks to this and their smooth and stable surface, they are also suitable for use in children's rooms. They have a long service life and thus enable resistant coatings.

They are also practically odourless - as far as is possible with wall paints, of course. Thanks to their extremely high opacity, you can easily paint over even intense colours.

If you have more surface area to paint and order the MissPompadour wall paints in 2.5-litre containers, you will not only benefit from our freeCO2-neutral shipping. You are also helping to bring recycled plastic back into the cycle. Because the 2.5 litre buckets of our wall paints are made from 100% recycled plastic.
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