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What shades of yellow are there?

It is also true for yellow that different shades of yellow have a completely different effect depending on their composition. Depending on which pigments are mixed with yellow, you can achieve a warm or cool atmosphere. Which variant you choose depends on how you want to use yellow tones in your interior design concept.

From mustard yellow to ochre: what shades are there?

The colour scheme of yellow tones ranges from an almost white, delicate pastel yellow to strong, fruity tones and a dark, warm yellow that tends towards ochre
White with Vanilla from MissPompadour is a typical example of an almost white yellow. Yellow with Saffron is a warm, almost muted yellow. Yellow with Lemon from MissPompadour creates a strong, bright yellow in your rooms.

Let the sunshine in: The effect of yellow as a wall paint

Yellow is a warm colour and makes a room appear larger and wider. Yellow colour shades are therefore ideal for small and dark rooms. If you opt for a light yellow wall paint, you can use it to paint all the walls in a room. If you are more inclined towards a mustard yellow wall paint, you should opt for an accent wall in your favourite yellow.
A pastel yellow wall paint has a stimulating and invigorating effect, promoting performance and concentration. Due to its association with sun and warmth, yellow puts us in a positive mood and allows us to communicate well.

For which rooms is yellow particularly suitable?

Yellow is ideal for use in the dining room in particular. A calm, warm tone such as ochre yellow really comes into its own here. Sunny yellow wall paints such as Yellow with Sun from MissPompadour or LittlePomp Yellow & Creative also work wonderfully in this area.
Yellow is also very suitable for rooms where meetings take place due to its stimulating effect . Here, the choice should fall on soft, yellow chalk paint, such as Yellow & Creativea from LittlePomp. But you can also enjoy the stimulating effect of yellow in the study. Why not paint part of the room in a Mediterranean yellow wall paint?

MissPompadour tips on the bright trend colour yellow

Used in measured doses and with careful consideration, yellow can create surprising effects. The brightening and stimulating effect of this colour, which has been unjustifiably forgotten, should not be underestimated.

Living styles and trends in yellow tones

If you love the Mediterranean style of living, yellow should definitely not be missing from your home. A bright yellow on the wall, such as Yellow with Sun by MissPompadour, is the ideal yellow Mediterranean wall paint. Combined with natural woods and other natural tones, such as dark green, strong blue or dark, intense red, you can create a relaxed ambience that will make you forget many a dark day outside your window.
If you have a retro-style interior, you can use strong yellow tones particularly well. Whether as furniture or wall paint - a colour like Yellow with Lemon from our collection suits this style. These impressive colour shades are just as suitable for an eclectic living style
Yellow can also be wonderfully integrated into an elegant interior design style. You can combine a petrol shade such as Green with Teal from the MissPompadour collection with an elegant yellow. Add golden accents and you'll feel like royalty in your newly designed home.

Which colour shades go well with yellow?

When used correctly, you can combine yellow with many colours. A combination with the complementary colour violet is perfect. You can create an expressive effect by designing a wall in the warm, intense yellow with saffron from MissPompadour and adding furniture in the deep purple. A lemon-yellow colour such as Yellow with Lemon, complemented with a violet, also has a dynamic effect
Shades of green in various shades also look highly interesting and very natural with yellow. A wall in the calm Green with Forest from MissPompadour with a chest of drawers in Yellow with Lemon from MissPompadour in front of it is guaranteed to be a highlight in your interior
But all earth and brown tones together with light, cool yellow tones also make a very harmonious combination. In addition to a wall in an accent colour, you can choosea wall paint in beigefor the other walls . Intense red and blue tones should not be forgotten, as they form an exciting relationship with all yellow tones. You should therefore combine them rather minimally and selectively.
If you want to give yellow a classy and elegant touch, combine it with soft petrol and clear white tones. This is where yellow really starts to shine.

What can I combine the colour with?

Yellow goes particularly well with dark wood tonesand dark lacquered furniture. To achieve a Mediterranean effect, you can also combine furniture and decorative items in pure white. Strong green plants with large leaves look particularly effective in a yellow and sunny ambience. Soft and velvety materials in anthracite and black tones look particularly cosy and inviting with yellow in spicy tones, such as curry yellow.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour Paint?

All our yellow colours are available in wall paint and varnish quality. You can therefore paint all surfaces with yellow paint, whether you want to paint the floor, the wallpaper, the tiled splashback in the kitchen or refresh an outdated piece of furniture. We have the right colour and varnish quality for all your projects.

wall paint in yellow

The wall paint from MissPompadour is available in two different colour qualities: our sustainable and mattThe Valuable Wall Paint for all your "normally" used living areas, as well as our extremely stableThe Functional Wall Paint, which can be used primarily in entrance areas or kitchens. Thanks to its smooth surface, it is easy to wipe off and still matt at the same time.
Our range is complemented by the velvety chalk paints from LittlePomp.
Whether you want to freshen up your plastered wall or the wallpaper has become unsightly, our wall paints in yellow do not stop at any surface.

varnishes in yellow

In addition to the wall paints, you will also find varnishes in all colour shades. You can use these to paint all surfaces from wood to tiles or even glass. Use yellow wood paint to accentuate a piece of furniture or be bold and paint completely in this cheerful colour shade. Yellow varnish is versatile!

Choose from different gloss levels and qualities

With varnishes, you also have the choice between different qualities, which you can select according to your area of application. For surfaces that are exposed to greater stress, you need the robust varnish qualities.
These include the MissPompadour varnishes in the Eggshell varnish quality.
If you prefer matt surfaces, you are at theright address with the matt varnishes from MissPompadour, the LittlePomp chalk varnishes and the CosyColours chalk varnishes.

Order yellow chalk and wall paint online from MissPompadour

Once you have decided on your favourite shade of yellow, you can order directly from our online shop. If you are unsure and have any questions, our free customer service team will be happy to help you.
You can choose between numerous payment options

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After you place your order, we will dispatch the goods quickly so that they arrive within a few days and you can get started with your project. We are committed to acting as sustainably as possible, which is why you buy low-emission paints and varnishes from us. In addition to our product, we are environmentally conscious, which is why we use recycled packaging and the filling material is also plastic-free.