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Paints and varnishes for metal: what you need to know

Whether you just want to paint the hinges on your cupboard, the hardware on your door or whether your entire fridge could do with a new colour shade - with our metal paints, you can succeed in any project.

What makes metal paint special?

Our versatile varnish colours for metal can also be used wonderfully in your home.
They are semi-matt, particularly stable and low-odour. The big advantage of our varnishes is that you can also use them on other surfaces. If you are painting a door, for example, you can also paint the metal fittings in the same coat without having to resort to another colour. For the hard-to-reach areas and decorations, pre-paint with a brush and simply use a varnish roller for the surfaces.

Which metals can I paint or varnish?

You can easily paint the following metals with our varnishes:

  • Iron
  • Steel
  • Copper
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel

However, the paint is not suitable for metal finishes such as chrome or anodising, as it will not last long.If youwant to paint freshly galvanised sheet metal, you should wait a few weeks.
If you have a plastic attachment on your handrail, for example, why not paint it too?

When to use metal paint?

There are no limits to your imagination. Does the garage door need a new coat of paint? With one litre of varnish, you can paint two coats of a normal garage door. The letterbox too? The toaster doesn't match the kitchen cupboard? The fridge doesn't match the kitchen unit anyway? The heating is yellowed? The metal paint on the banister is peeling off? The dark green colour of the garden fence has never been to your taste? The list could go on and on. Take a look around your home to see which metal objects have always bothered you and find the right colour here!

Choosing the right colour for metal

If the surface is intact and not rusty, you can choose from all the beautiful colour shades. If you can see the ravages of time, simply prepare the surface accordingly. Painting metal is just as easy as painting furniture or walls.

Which MissPompadour Paints are suitable for which metals?

For a silky matt, robust and easy-care finish, choose your desired colour from this range:

  • MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish

You can achieve a matt look indoors with:

  • MissPompadour Matt Varnish
  • LittlePomp chalk varnish
  • CosyColours chalk paint
  • Painting the Past varnish Matt

The right colour for outdoors

Foroutdoor use, you can choose MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish and Painting the Past outdoor paint. You don't need any additional protective varnish.

If you have painted your iron garden furniture, make sure that it is protected from the rain. Even though our metal paints can withstand all weather conditions, they do not like standing water. This can dissolve the paint.
However, it is sufficient to simply tilt your painted table, for example, so that the water drains off.

If you are painting outside, the temperature should not fall below 12°C, not even at night. While the varnish is curing, it tolerates temperatures between approx. 12° and 25°C best. If it gets colder or warmer, it will not dry properly or may become brittle. Once your paint has hardened, it is ready for all seasons.

Painting metal: a few tips for application

As with all painting projects, you first need to prepare the surface. The good news is that you only need sandpaper for chipped or pitted areas. You don't need to sand intact surfaces, just clean them thoroughly. If your metal is already coated with a protective metal paint, you can simply paint over it; if not, we recommend priming with a rust inhibitor. To help the paint adhere better, use To Bond & Block. You can find detailed instructions on how to paint metal and what you should bear in mind in our blog article Painting metal.

Spraying metal objects with a spray gun

You can also spray the paints and varnishes with the Wagner spray systems. A garden fence, for example, can be given a new shine very quickly. The colours are diluted with approx. 10% water. Take a look at our video! This type of coating is particularly suitable for very fine ornaments.

Can the metal paint be used as rust protection?

Our water-based paints themselves do not offer any rust protection. So if you are painting raw metal, you should first prime it to protect it against corrosion. Use a rust inhibitor for this.

Order metal paint & metal varnish in the MissPompadour Shop

Our varnishes are manufactured with ecological production in mind. They contain as fewsolvents and preservatives as possible and, compared to conventional varnishes, you don't have to worry about a chemical odour.
In addition, their extremely long durability makes repainting a sustainable solution. The colours have a very high UV stability and are easy to applyeven without prior knowledge.

Your garden furniture could do with a new coat of paint and the weather forecast for the next two weeks only shows good weather? Then make the most of the time and order our metal paints now!

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So get started and bring colour into your home!

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