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High-quality paints and varnishes for plastic: what you need to know

With plastic and laminate, you have a greater choice of colour shades than with wood types. Nevertheless, it can happen that the colours no longer match the furnishings or have aged unattractively. This is where our plastic colours come into play.

What makes plastic paint stand out?

You can easily paint plastic and laminate with our plastic paint. Choose between three gloss levels: matt, semi-gloss and gloss. The powdery chalk paints can also be used for painting decorative items.
Sanding is not necessary. On surfaces subject to wear, such as flooring, simply use a primer to increase the durability of the colour. You can also matt high-gloss surfaces with a sanding pad to improve adhesion to the substrate.

Which plastic can I paint or varnish?

Whether you are applying the chalk paint to film, want to paint your PVC or laminate floor or the plastic window needs a new colour - choose a beautiful colour shade from our plastic paints. Then clean and simply paint!
Are you unsure whether your material is suitable? Try it out on an inconspicuous area first.

When is plastic paint used?

Plastic, PVC and laminate have become an integral part of everyday life. However, it is often the case that these surfaces simply no longer look good over time. As plastics are materials that are not particularly environmentally friendly during production, it is definitely sustainable to extend their lifespan with a new coat of paint. Maybe it's your windows, your best friend's laminated kitchen or your parents' plastic front door. Nevertheless, it is difficult to replace the respective piece, as this would mean a large purchase.

This is exactly where our plastic paints come into play, as they work on almost all plastic surfaces. Use them to paint your plastic windows or laminate flooring.
You can also use them to give yellowed doors or other surfaces with an outdated decor a fresh coat of paint. The preparation is easier than on real wood.

Choosing the right colour for plastic & veneer

If you want to paint your PVC-U doors, the varnish should be durable and hold up well, as a door is used frequently and intensively. But the varnish also needs to be uncomplicated, stable and adhesive when painting your PVC windows. We explain which PVC-U paints are best suited to your projects and will meet your requirements both inside and out and offer the best results.

Which MissPompadour Paints are suitable for plastic?

Almost all of our colours are suitable for painting your plastic surfaces.
If you want to paint a heavy-duty surface such as a veneered kitchen or laminate floor, we recommend our semi-gloss varnishes from the MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish range.
On decorative furniture that is not subject to stress, you can also use the matt variants, such as MissPompadour Matt Varnish, CosyColours chalk varnish and LittlePomp chalk varnish.
You can even embellish small furnishings such as picture frames, clocks and other decorations with a bit of wall paint.

The right colour for outdoor plastic

If you havean old plastic garden set, why not use our plastic paints to freshen it up?
Colours for outdoor plastic are the MissPompadour Paints in Eggshell Varnish.
With a new coat of paint, you'll be perfectly prepared for the next garden season.

The right plastic colour for veneered furniture

Nowadays, real wood furniture has become rather rare, with many manufacturers now using veneer.
Contrary to popular belief, however, veneer isnot plastic, but thin sheets of wood. These are glued onto chipboard and then painted.
Nevertheless, even these pieces of furniture can use a change from time to time, as they often appear far too massive and clunky in the room to fit into a modern interior.
Fortunately, our chalk paints can be easily painted onto veneer. They give your furniture an individual, interesting look. The silk-matt look of chalk paint on veneer creates a sophisticated and elegant effect.
Choose from our silk-matt MissPompadour Eggshell varnishes for this too. These stable varnishes are particularly suitable for veneered kitchens or well-used living room furniture.
If you would like to embellish your painted surface with wax, use one of the matt varnishes, provided the piece of furniture is not subject to wear and tear .
If you notice that there are wooden elements on the furniture, for example oak, you can of course also paint these beautifully. You can find paints for lacquered or heavily used wood in the MissPompadour Paints online shop.

Plastic paint for PVC & laminate flooring

You can not only paint PVC with the colours, but also use them as laminate varnish.
We generally recommend the semi-gloss varnishes. These are more stable on heavy-duty surfaces and you can achieve a smooth result with them. You will see that painting laminate is really fun and the transformation of the room will be incredible.
Nevertheless, you should always seal floor surfaces after the final coat.
You can also paint your entrance area floor with our plastic varnishes. If you also want to change your heavily used corridor walls, simply use our hard-wearing & washable wall paints.

Painting plastic: a few tips for application

Plastic is a really grateful surface for your painting projects. Nevertheless, there are a few points to consider.

Professional pre-treatment for plastic & laminate

Plastic and laminate usually have a smooth surface on which it is difficult to imagine painting. The right preparation is therefore also important for plastic.
First clean the surfaces with a non-greasy cleaning agent, such as our To Clean.
It is important that you then wipe with clear water and dry the surface well before painting.
Finally, prime the smooth surface with To Bond & Block - MissPompadour Cleaner.
Then you can get started with your chosen colour!

The right topcoat of laminate paint

Once you have painted your floor with our laminate paint, you should seal it.
To Seal - MissPompadour Topcoat isbest suited for this . This topcoat strengthens your varnish and makes it last longer. It is resistant to splash water. Please note, however, that water-based varnishes and topcoats are destroyed by standing water.

Order plastic varnish & laminate paint in the MissPompadour shop

Incidentally, we use almost no plastic for shipping. To ensure that your paints arrive safely, we pack them with recyclable paper and reused cardboard from our deliveries. Only if this is not enough to protect your tins do we also stick armoured tape on them.