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What colour shades are available in petrol and turquoise?

In general, the colour petrol tends to belong to the darker colour range. Another description for this colour family is blue-green or sea green. Petrol in particular comes in different shades. This trend colour has a different effect depending on whether the blue or green component predominates. The colour intensity also varies, so you can cover all areas with petrol paint, from pastel shades to a strong accent colour.

Turquoise is a lighter version of petrol tones that contains more green or yellow pigments. With their different nuances, both colour shades belong to the aqua tones.

What shades are there?

In some petrol shades, the blue component predominates so that you perceive the effect more as a greenish blue. Dark Blue with Green from MissPompadour, for example, has this effect. Alternatively, the effect can tend towards green. Green with Teal from MissPompadour is a colour shade in which the green and blue components are exactly balanced.

Green with Ocean, for example, is tinted with grey and therefore not quite as strong, while Green with Emerald and Green with Turquoise from MissPompadour are more intense and at the same time lighter. These shades both go in the turquoise colour direction.

Effect of petrol and turquoise as wall paint

If you decide to buy petrol as a wall paint, you can create great accents with it. Above all, this colour shade radiates a strong sense of calm and has a relaxing effect on the viewer. Petrol is extremely elegant and profound. The effect varies depending on which component predominates.

Petrol blue wall paint encourages reflection and promotes concentration. If you use petrol green wall paint, you are more likely to achieve a friendly, natural and unaffected atmosphere. Another effect of the greenish variant is a feeling of safety and security. With wall paint in a petrol pastel, you can also achieve a soft atmosphere. If you use wall paint in dark petrol, you enhance the cosy effect in your room. Light petrol wall paint creates a sense of space and lightness, while grey petrol wall paint radiates calm.

Turquoise walls generally have a cool, yet invigorating and refreshing effect. Turquoise can promote emotional balance. Decide between different types of turquoise in the colour scheme: If the green component predominates, your wall paint will look mint turquoise. There are turquoise shades in which the blue component dominates, giving you a maritime effect. If you don't want it quite so colourful, opt for a turquoise grey wall paint. A light turquoise wall paint is clarifying and fresh in your bathroom. You can create a cosy atmosphere with wall paint in dark turquoise and emphasise the natural and informal effect of this beautiful colour shade with wall paint in turquoise green. As you can see, there are no limits to your ideas with turquoise.

Are petrol and turquoise warm colours?

As there are warm and cool versions of both blue and green, there is no general answer to this question. Depending on which colour components predominate in petrol, it can appear cool or warm. Petrol's radiance is best described as intense and deep. Turquoise tones, on the other hand, always appear rather fresh.

Are the colours petrol and turquoise still modern?

Petrol and turquoise are real colour classics. Depending on the colour context in which petrol is used, it appears calm, serious, elegant or even businesslike. Turquoise, on the other hand, is a lighter shade that tends to be airy, cool and refreshing.

Which rooms are petrol and turquoise suitable for?

In the bedroom, petrol radiates great cosiness as a dark contrast, for example on just one wall. In combination with warm white or light wall paints in grey, you can create a very special atmosphere.

Petrol also comes into its own as a deep colour shade in the living room. Combined with furniture in light natural wood colours, you can create a cosy atmosphere with petrol. Accessories in gold or copper underline the elegant effect of this colour. Strong colours such as red or orange shine all the more against the background of this neutral colour, while soft pastel shades form a gentle contrast to the intense petrol.

Turquoise walls provide balance in the children's room. Darker turquoise is equally invigorating for playing and balancing for a relaxing evening wind-down. Used in the office or home office, the factual and clarifying effect of this versatile colour shade comes to the fore. In workspaces, the colour can be combined with clear white to create a concentrated atmosphere that is particularly conducive to work.

Tips for the elegant trend colour petrol

As an interesting alternative to pure blue or green, you can create a wow effect in your interior with petrol.

Living styles and trends in petrol colours

Due to their wide range, petrol and turquoise cannot be assigned to just one interior style; both colours are core elements of an oriental style. Combined with sandy beige and warm natural woods, you are sure to create a successful interior. Turquoise also shows its charming side in a Mediterranean living style. In combination with oak and warm white tones, you'll feel like you've been transported to the coast of Greece, while petrol tones can go just as well in a classic ambience with antiques or in a modern interior with clear shapes. Anyone who appreciates natural furnishings will find petrol tones just as appealing as someone who wants to display their art collection on the walls.

Which colours harmonise with petrol and turquoise?

Due to its adaptability, petrol can be combined with many colour shades. Wall paint in dark petrol can be combined with all cool, light tones if it is used as an accent colour. Blue with Snow or White with Linden Green from MissPompadour, for example, go wonderfully with all shades of petrol.

Petrol forms a magical combination with all aqua shades. You can achieve an exciting effect with colours such as Green with Aqua, Green with Turquoise or Green with South Sea from MissPompadour. These colour shades really shine against a petrol-coloured background. So why not combine petrol and turquoise?

If you particularly love pastel shades, colour shades such as Purple with Lavender, Rose with Cherry Blossom or the delicate Yellow with Sun from MissPompadour will give you a very special colour combination.

If you have opted for turquoise tones, you can combine them wonderfully with all earth tones such as MissPompadour Brown with Choc. Light grey and beige tones also go very well, and if you like bright colours, you can present your favourite strong accent colour fantastically against a muted petrol background: For example, what do you think of the warm Yellow with Saffron, Pink with Peony or even the Red with Cherry from MissPompadour?

What can I combine petrol and turquoise with?

As petrol is an elegant colour shade, it looks particularly classy with accessories in metallic shades. Gold in particular is a great eye-catcher in combination with petrol. Noble materials such as leather or velvet also go wonderfully with this colour. If you use turquoise in combination with pastel shades, natural materials such as linen, silk and natural wood are a great addition. If petrol is used in the office, you can complement it with clear materials such as white furniture, chrome elements and plants in light green to emphasise the clarifying and functional effect of the colour.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour?

At MissPompadour Paint, the colours petrol and turquoise are available in different versions so that you can paint these great colour shades on all surfaces. Walls, tiles, floors, furniture and decorative items can be embellished with the colour.

Wall paints in petrol and turquoise

Depending on what requirements your wall needs to fulfil, you can choose between

  • the matt wall paint The Valuable Wall Paint from MissPompadour
  • the chalky matt wall paint from the LittlePomp collection

collection. If you want to design walls in a heavily used environment such as a staircase or your kitchen, then choose The Functional Wall Paint from MissPompadour, as this quality is extremely robust, wipeable and abrasion-resistant.

Varnishes in petrol and turquoise

Not only walls can be designed in the colour petrol. We also offer all petrol and turquoise shades as a varnish so that you can design your furniture, tiles, stairs and even metal with this colour.


You can choose between different varnish qualities for petrol tones and varnishes in turquoise. For example, there are matt varnishes that create an almost powdery surface. They are very suitable for furniture in the living area and conjure up a cosy, homely atmosphere. These include, for example, the Matt Varnish quality from MissPompadour, the CosyColours chalk varnishes and the LittlePomp chalk varnishes.

For the redesign of kitchen furniture and doors, we recommend using the varnishes in the robust silk matt quality. This includes the Eggshell varnish quality from MissPompadour.

Order wall and chalk paint in petrol and turquoise online at MissPompadour

At MissPompadour, we attach great importance to sustainability. That's why we pack your order in the most resource-friendly way possible. We do without plastic and use paper instead.
We shred old cardboard boxes as filling material and our adhesive tape is also plastic-free. DHL GoGreen will then deliver your order climate-neutrally within a few days.
Once you have found your favourite shade among the petrol shades, your parcel can be delivered to you with the smallest possiblecarbon footprint. Need help with so much choice? Then contact our free customer advice centre right away!