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That's why MissPompadour has an experienced team of advisors to guide you before, during and after your project. Especially with the large selection of colours and the many substrates you can paint, extensive advice is useful and helpful. Whether you are unsure about your first project, want to paint a particularly tricky surface or another painter has simply advised you against your project - we will support you from start to finish.

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Our customer advisory service

What's great about our consultancy team is not only that they are all perfectly familiar with our colour range. Each one brings expertise and specialist knowledge from different areas. Whether restorer, painter or interior designer - our consultants have a wealth of experience and knowledge

What makes them additionally unique is that they have all been through the journey from MissPompadour fan to consultant.You can be sure that they have all already worked with all our paints and have a secret tip or two in store for you!

Favourite project :I love painting walls with The Valuableand always change the mood in my home with it.

Favourite customer request: Bringing tricky application questions to a perfect result together with the customers.

Favourite project: My kitchen painted in Myrtle Green.
Favourite client request: Because I was so thrilled with my own painted kitchen, I love helping our clients transform their own kitchens.

Favourite project: The core renovation and colour design of my new home. It showed me what you can achieve, even if you didn't think you could beforehand.
Favourite client request: colour consultancy of all kinds. I find it very exciting to put myself in the shoes of a client and work out a new colour concept together.

Favourite project: I love redesigning a room with new colours to create a new atmosphere, and restoring and upcycling furniture.
Favourite client request: colour consultancyen - I love helping clients choose complementary colour combinations that show off the room to its best advantage and express their own taste.

Favourite project: Old, forgotten furniture. It's so great to see these treasures start to live again.
Favourite customer request: Crazy complaints, actually. I love making unhappy customers happy after all. And in the majority of cases it works.

Favourite project: Restoring old furniture, recently also painting walls in colour.
Favourite customer query: "I've got hold of an old treasure here that I'd like to make pretty again, what do I need to bear in mind?

Favourite project: Renovating around the house. My motto: Turn old into new!
Favourite customer request: "Can I paint this and is it really that easy?"

Favourite project: A project close to my heart for my mum. The refurbishment and colour makeover of some old furniture/family heirlooms.
Favourite customer request: "How can I get the light varnish out of my clothes and my brown hair?"
Favourite project: Painting our wooden windows because it directly changed the character of the house.
Favourite customer request: When old furniture needs to be given a new lease of life.

Favourite project: Giving (old) pieces of furniture a new coat of paint. It's always amazing & fascinating what a little colour can do!
Favourite customer request: colour consultations of all kinds - whether it's a small stool or half the flat! I simply love helping our customers with their colour choices and seeing the joy people get from taking a project into their own hands.

Favourite project: My mum's little cottage. All new, with lots of MissPompadour Paints on the walls, tiles and furniture. It was a hit and makes her so happy every day!
Favourite customer request: From "I don't know what colour would fit here" to complaints - I like them all!
Favourite project: My doors in the house - 1 project - many new rooms!
Favourite customer request: colour consultancy - "Here's a picture of my living room, how can I change it, which colour shades harmonise with the rest?"

Favourite project: Reviving old furniture!
Favourite customer request: "How does that work? What do I need for it?" and "Which colours go well?"

Favourite project: Giving furniture and walls that are unsightly and getting on in years a new lease of life with paint!
Favourite customer enquiry: "I want to paint XY, what do I need?" because this is usually the start of a long and exciting consultation.
Favourite project: My favourite thing to work on is wood - redesigning wooden furniture or making something completely my own and painting it in my favourite colours.
Favourite customer request: "Can I really paint everything with your colours? And can I really do it myself?"

Favourite project: Still ahead of me. I'm looking forward to redesigning our kitchen.
Favourite customer request:"Do I have to sand?" This thought often inhibits our customers, with a "No!" all their creativity unfolds.

Favourite project: Redesigning old furniture, including furniture in need of repair - challenges are welcome!
Favourite customer request: Redesigning furniture.
Favourite project: Giving old furniture a new lease of life.
Favourite customer request: "Creative" requests! Especially when the customer is in the mood for colour.

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