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blackboard paint

The matt and completely transparent MissPompadour blackboard paint can be applied to wood, smooth walls, metal and plastic. White and coloured chalk can be easily removed from our blackboard paint with a damp cloth.
Add a dash of the base colour to the blackboard paint to avoid haze.


Content: 0.75 Litre (€45.33 / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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This is what our customers say

MissPompadour blackboard paint

What boundless chalking fun you can have with MissPompadour blackboard paint! With this paint you can really create your own creative space. Wherever the blackboard paint is applied, you can paint with white or coloured chalk to your heart's content on the wall, the door or the piece of furniture. The great thing is that you can wipe everything off with a damp cloth afterwards. But the best thing is: this paint is completely transparent. That means no more black or green walls, but you practically write directly on your wall paint. MissPompadour's blackboard paint can be used on smooth walls, doors or furniture. It doesn't matter whether the surfaces are made of wood, plastic or metal. It is sufficient if the surfaces are so smooth that you can later write and paint on them with chalk without any problems.

How to use blackboard paint

Simply paint the colourless blackboard paint onto smooth or coated surfaces without changing their colour. Perhaps you would like to paint a wall in your child's room with blackboard paint and let your children paint there again and again? What a pleasure to let the little ones paint a wall with impunity! But blackboard paint is also perfect for a hallway. Maybe you want to leave a quick message there, or what do you think of a writable surface in the kitchen? Write down a recipe or something that urgently needs to be bought. How about the menu sequence of dinner with friends? There are so many possibilities!

The product features of blackboard paint

Like almost all our products, our blackboard paint is water-based. It is matt and does not alter your wall paint. A tip: Add a little of your wall paint to the blackboard paint. Then it will adapt even better to the surface. MissPompadour blackboard paint has exceptionally good adhesive properties and is alkali-resistant. If you have cleaned the wall with a damp cloth, allow the surface to dry before writing or painting on it again.

Application: On wood and walls
Blackboard paint:Download technical data sheet
Processing: Stir well, indoors. Dry after 16 hours, cured after approx. 48 hours.
Reach: Ca. 16 - 20 m²/l pro Anstrich, je nach Saugfähigkeit des Untergrunds