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magnet paint | 750ml

MissPompadour magnet paint is used as a primer under wall or camouflage paint. You can attach all kinds of magnets to surfaces painted with MissPompadour magnet paint.
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Content: 0.75 Litre (€45.33 / 1 Litre)

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MissPompadour magnet paint

With MissPompadour magnet paint the wall becomes a collection of ideas. The magnet paint contains metal pigments to which magnets can be attached. This way you can create your own pinboard in every room. Prime a wall in the children's room with magnet paint and you have the option of attaching your children's "works of art" to the wall with magnets and, of course, replacing them at any time! But also in the kitchen or in the hallway, everywhere you can attach notes and messages thanks to magnet paint. Especially in the professional sector, in the office, in schools and doctors' surgeries, it is very easy to create a magnetic wall. The best thing is that magnet paint can be painted over without any problems. Simply paint over it with your normal wall paint. This way, the magnet paint is no longer visible and the overall impression of the room is not changed.

The properties of MissPompadour magnet paint

With magnet paint you can attach things to the wall without having to drill holes. Disturbing rails and plates on the wall become unnecessary. Nails and tacks are superfluous, your walls remain intact. In addition, the colour does not change the overall impression of the room. With an appropriately strong magnet, you can easily attach three to six A4 sheets to the wall. The magnet paint will hold them without any problem. By the way, you can also use magnet paint under a varnish. Just turn a room door into a pinboard.

How to use MissPompadour magnet paint

Stir magnet paint thoroughly before painting. It is best to use magnet paint as a primer under the actual wall paint or a varnish. The enrichment of the paint with powdered metal causes its strong attraction to magnets of all kinds. It also ensures its typical dark grey colour. With the opacity of our wall paints and varnishes, however, it can be easily painted over and then becomes completely invisible. Apply the magnet paint in 2-3 coats. Allow each coat to dry for four hours. Our magnet paint is also water-soluble and does not spread any unpleasant odours.

Application: On wood and walls
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Processing: Stir well, use indoors. Each coat can be painted over after 4-5 hours, paint over with the desired colour after 24 hours.
Reach: Approx. 10sqm/l with a single coat - to achieve a sufficiently magnetic layer, 3 coats of at least 100 ml/m² each should be applied.