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Paint Tray for Rollers up to 18cm

The Paint Tray for rollers up to 18cm is an important tool for working with our water-based paints. The spout and the quantity markings on the paint tray make painting much easier. Suitable for rollers up to 18cm.
  • We sustainably offset plastic: For every kilogramme of plastic sold, we remove 1 kilogramme of plastic from rivers and waters with everwave. Click here for more information.


Content: 1 piece

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Paint Tray for Rollers up to 18cm

Even the highest quality paint cannot be applied successfully without the right tools. Therefore, in addition to reliable paint rollers and brushes for paint application, you also need a proper paint tray. This is where you apply the paint to the Rollers or brushes. We chose the Paint Tray for Rollers up to 18cm because it is made of sturdy plastic. The dimensional stability of the plastic is important so that you can hold the tray filled with paint in one hand without it bending. The material of our paint tray for water-based paints is also resistant to solvents. (Although our paints do not contain any solvents.) In addition, our paint trays are absolutely unbreakable. Conveniently, our trays have quantity markings and a patented spout. It was also important to us that the paint tray is easy to grip and lies securely in the hand.

Using the paint tray for Rollers up to 18cm

The paint tray has the right format for our paint rolls. After you have opened the paint tray, first stir the contents well so that any pigments that have settled are evenly distributed. Then pour enough of the contents of the can into the paint tray to fill the deepest part of the tub. Then dip the paint roller into the liquid from all sides and spread it over the hatched area again and again. In this way, you can fill the paint roller with the paint for the first time. After applying the paint to the wall, you continue by dipping and spreading it in the tub. In any case, even amateurs can achieve a perfect result with the help of the right tools.

When work with the paint tray is interrupted

Since water-based paints dry quickly, we recommend that you wrap the paint tray as airtight as possible when interrupting work. The best way to do this is to use standard cling film. You can also keep the paint roller and possibly the brushes fresh for 24 hours in this way. After that, you can continue working without any problems.