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varnish coating set 5 pieces

The right painting tools for your project: This varnish set contains everything you need to paint surfaces with varnish. It also makes a great gift - and the bundle price is our gift to you: save 11% compared to buying them individually!

  • Set with all the basics: brush, roller, handle, paint tray, yellow masking tape
  • Proven MissPompadour quality at a professional level
  • 11% discount due to set price


% €24.70 (You save 7.29%)
Content: 5 piece (€4.58 / 1 piece)

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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  • Individual color consultation
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This is what our customers say

The painting set for varnishes

Do you want to paint old wooden or metal furniture? Give your doors a new look or freshen up the garden fence? Maybe you want to give someone else a treat and some encouragement to start that long-planned painting project or you need new painting tools yourself. Our 5-piece varnish painting set is definitely the perfect start for your project, true to our motto: Simply paint!

The contents of the painting tool set

Paint easily with the right tools

To work with varnishes, you need the right painting tools. At MissPompadour Paint, you not only get high-quality paints in many colour shades and the right quality for your object, but also the right accessories - so you save yourself a trip to the DIY store.

Our 5-piece paint set contains the accessories you need to paint wood, metal, plastic and other surfaces. First and foremost, this includes a good adhesive tape. The painting set includes the 30 mm wide yellow masking tape. It is perfect for masking, as you can use the yellow masking tape to paint really sharp colour edges. A good brush is essential for painting the colour itself. The pink MissPompadour To Paint brush with a width of 25 mm is particularly suitable for painting corners and difficult areas thanks to its bevelled shape. Paint larger areas with a paint roller. The extremely short and dense polyester pile of the roller in our painting set distributes the varnish completely evenly without leaving any brush marks. The matching, high-quality handle sits particularly comfortably in the hand thanks to its long grip. We emphasise sustainability and good workmanship in all our products and try to find plastic-free alternatives. That's why we are particularly proud of our paint trays. The paint tray! is made of cellulose instead of plastic. Thanks to its workmanship, it is still very sturdy and has other plus points: We have incorporated additional compartments into our design where you can store your brushes.

Price advantage with the 5-piece varnish brush set

If you buy these five products individually, the total price is 25.70 euros. As a set, you get these tools for the special price of 22.90 euros. Your project can start soon with our paint set!