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Paint Pail for Brushes

The paint tray for brushes is made of solvent-resistant plastic. With its practical handle, this paint tray for brushes is perfect for all painting work with brushes.

  • We sustainably offset plastic: For every kilogramme of plastic sold, we remove 1 kilogramme of plastic from rivers and waters with everwave. Click here for more information.


Content: 1 piece

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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This is what our customers say

Paint tray for brushes

This is a great invention for all paint enthusiasts! Until now, we always had to be satisfied with the small paint trays for working with brushes. And these are rather tailored to paint rollers in their shape. What's more, it's rather complicated to balance them on your hand all the time while painting. And now here comes this new ergonomically shaped paint tray for brushes. It really makes working with brushes easier. After you have thoroughly stirred the paint in the can, you first fill only enough paint into the paint tray so that the bristles of the brush are just covered when you put it into the can. You don't want to carry so much weight around with you all the time. Then you start painting. And you will find that the paint tray with its practical handle is wonderful to carry around everywhere. In addition, you can easily wipe the brush on the edge of the paint tray.

Painting from the can

Of course, you can also work directly from the can, especially for smaller projects. In this case, however, you should pull a rubber band across the opening of the can. You can use it to wipe your brush. This has the advantage that the rim of the can is not soiled with paint. This makes it easier to reseal the can later. Of course, this only works well with smaller containers. Because it quickly becomes too uncomfortable to carry such a weight around with one hand. (And water-based paint is really quite heavy)

Many advantages of the paint tray for brushes

It is really worth investing in this practical paint tray for brushes. It makes working much easier. You can easily rinse it with warm water after use. After all, the water-based paints are all water-soluble. And then the paint tray for brushes can be used again at any time. Maybe it would be a good idea to store the rinsed brushes in the paint tray for brushes. Just make sure that you point the bristles upwards so that they don't get bent. Yes, sometimes it's the little things that make life easier! For more tips and tricks, read our blogs!