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The paint tray!

The completely new MissPompadour Die paint tray! not only holds paint, but also a roller and brush at the same time. MissPompadour Die paint tray! is not made of plastic, but compostable. It does not bend and is still light as a feather.
  • 100% plastic free
  • Suitable for brushes and rollers up to 12cm
  • Holds up to 250ml, 1 paint compartment for roller & 2 more for brushes
  • Colour and waterproof
  • Made in Germany


Content: 1 piece

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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Our common goal: no more plastic paint trays on the market by the end of 2025!

That's why it's The paint tray!

Made of recyclable material - Compostable: completely plastic-free - Brush tray: lying and standing - Convenient roller tray up to 12cm - Paint tray: holds up to 250ml - Paint resistant: does not soak through - Made in Germany: high quality & short delivery way

Environmentally friendly material

Simply sustainable: it is THE innovation on the painter's market. The paint tray is made with fibre cast from cellulose - a material that is also used in the building materials industry as an ecological material. That's why you can recycle it 100%, recycle it 100% and compost it 100%.

Made in Germany

Finally, short delivery routes and fewer emissions! This saves usCO2 and we also get the supplies without long waiting times.
You can still find paint trays made of plastic in our shop, because a complete changeover takes time. But we also want to do something with plastic tubs!
That's why we're cooperating with everwave:
for every kilogram of plastic we sell, everwave takes one kilogram of plastic waste out of our waters.

The paint tray!

We at MissPompadour have not reinvented the wheel, but we have certainly invented the perfect paint tray. We thought that it would not be enough if a paint tray only contained paint and only offered the possibility of wiping it off. After all, where to put the brush that you always need while painting? Maybe you even want to store a second brush? And what use is a conventional paint tray if, for example, you want to work with several colours when stencilling? We have worked on this for a long time and finally we have developed the really ingenious MissPompadour Die paint tray!

The paint tray! and its advantages

Our new paint tray is simply perfect for painting. It has a large and quite deep compartment for the paint. The paint tray is raised in the middle so that you can easily wipe off excess paint from the roller on its surface structure. Behind it there is a recess in which the roller is safely deposited. This all sounds quite normal. But the really ingenious thing about the MissPompadour Die paint tray! is its recesses on the side. You can place your brush in one of them without it getting out of place. And you can place a brush upright in the second recess. If you work with more than one colour shade, you simply fill these recesses with the other colours. Up to four colour shades can be used at the same time. The paint tray! holds 250ml and is suitable for rolls up to 12cm wide. It is light as a feather, ergonomically easy to grip and can be used several times.

The paint tray! is environmentally friendly

How could it be any different at MissPompadour! We simply don't like plastic. That's why our paint tray is plastic-free. Its material is cellulose, which is also used a lot in the building material industry as an ecological insulating material. One advantage of this material is its stability. Even under the influence of moisture, the paint tray keeps its shape. And last but not least, the ingenious MissPompadour Die paint tray! is 100% compostable. Our goal is: no more plastic trays on the market by 2025!