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handle for paint rollers 18-20cm (8mm) wall

This handle for paint rollers 18-20cm has a roller bearing of 8mm diameter. With the handle for paint rollers 18-20cm you can work on walls and larger surfaces with chalk paint in combination with the matching roller. The roller is not too heavy as it is not too big.

  • We sustainably offset plastic: For every kilogramme of plastic sold, we remove 1 kilogramme of plastic from rivers and waters with everwave. Click here for more information.


Content: 1 piece

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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Handle for paint Rollers 18-20cm

As you can see, we have paid special attention to first-class quality when selecting our tools. Because that's the only thing that matches our high-quality paints. And it would be a real shame if you got a bad result because the tool didn't work perfectly. Our handles for paint Rollers 18-20cm have an ergonomically shaped grip. The parts you attach the Rollers to are made of galvanised steel. In addition, you can attach any commercially available telescopic pole to our handle for paint rollers 18-20cm. So painting ceilings or floors is no problem.

Handle for paint rollers and matching Rollers

The handle for large paint rollers is available in one size: For the treatment of walls we offer a handle for Rollers in a length of 18 - 20cm. Here the diameter of the roller bearing is 8mm.
For small paint rollers of 10 - 16cm and with a roller bearing of 6mm diameter, the handles and rollers are suitable, for example, for varnishing work. Together with the matching Rollers from 10cm to 16cm in length they make ideal Rollers for small surfaces To Paint tiles, doors etc.

Separate sale - Handle for paint rollers 18-20cm and paint rollers

It has been shown that very few people want, and it is not really economical, to wash out a roller after use. Therefore paint rollers are very often disposed of. For this reason we offer the handle separately. Because they can be stored well and used again and again.