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Roller Sleeve for Chalk Paint 18cm

The paint roller for wall paint 18cm is suitable for applying paint to smooth and slightly textured surfaces. This paint roller is therefore the perfect tool for working on walls with all our wall paints.

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Content: 1 piece

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The paint roller for wall paint 18cm

The high-quality paint roller for wall paint 18cm is ideal for applying wall emulsions to walls. Because with its durable and soft polyamide surface, it is perfect for smooth and slightly textured surfaces on ceilings and walls. This roller is designed for professional use and was chosen by us for its outstanding quality. It is characterised by an ideally controlled paint release onto the substrate. And due to the fact that the polyamide fibres show an ideal re-setting behaviour, you will achieve a high square metre output with our paint roller. The paint roller for wall paint is of course not only suitable for chalk paints, but also for high-quality coats of emulsion paint. You can also use the paint roller for protective coatings with rust protection paints, as well as for the application of gypsum, plaster and fillers.

How to use the paint roller for wall paint?

Stir the paint well after opening the container so that the pigments can spread evenly. Then pour as much paint into your paint tray as the deepest part of the tray can hold. Now carefully wet the paint Rollers for wall paint from all sides. And then, in between, keep wiping the Roller on the hatched area of the tub. When the paint roller has absorbed enough paint, start applying the paint. To do this, roll the paint roller onto the wall in diagonal movements until everything is covered with paint. Let the surfaces dry and then apply a second coat. You will then have a perfect and even application of paint on the wall or ceiling.

Using the paint rollers for wall paint 18cm

Combine the paint roller for wall paint with the handle for paint rollers 18-20cm. The roller bearing of the paint roller has a diameter of 8mm, as does the corresponding handle. If you want to interrupt the painting process, you can wrap the roller airtight in cling film and continue with your work the next day. When you are finished, the paint roller for wall paint 18cm can be washed out easily with hot water.