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To Mask - Adhesive Tape 30mm

Paint sharp edges with the environmentally friendly To Mask - MissPompadour Adhesive Tape 30mm. This elastic, 30 mm wide and 50 m long masking tape adheres with natural rubber. Note: Always remove the adhesive tape before the paint has dried. If you paint varnish in several layers, carefully remove the layers with a cutter before peeling off the tape.

  • For sharp colour edges
  • Good adhesion & easy removal
  • Made from natural rubber
  • Elastic & creped


Content: 1 piece

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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Therefore To Mask

To Mask adheres perfectly to smooth and textured surfaces. So you get a sharp colour edge. Plus, the tape comes off without leaving any residue.

3 different sizes

To Mask is available in 3 different sizes - 50mm, 30mm and 19mm. There is definitely the right size for your project!

To Mask - MissPompadour Adhesive Tape 30mm

Masking is a really important step in the painting process. The more accurately you mask beforehand, the better the end result. It is therefore worth paying attention to the quality of the adhesive tape. Our 30 mm adhesive tape uses the highest quality natural rubber. This ensures perfect adhesion to smooth and slightly textured surfaces and prevents paint from running under the tape. Our painter's tape is also heat-resistant up to 70° Celsius and water-repellent thanks to its special impregnation. This 0.16 mm thick, robust masking tape is an absolute professional product that you can use to paint sharp colour edges.

How is To Mask - MissPompadour Adhesive Tape 30mm used?

If you want to paint walls, you should first mask the ceiling. As the tape is elasticated and creped, it is particularly easy to wrap around corners. You can also use it to tape door and window frames. It is best to remove socket and light switch panelling. If you don't want to paint the radiators, use the tape to attach foil to them to protect them from paint. As our paints do not splatter and are rather thick, you only need a piece of fleece for the floor. You should use adhesive tape with caution on surfaces that have already been painted. Make sure that the varnish is well cured before you stick painter's tape to it. You can also dull the tape a little by first sticking it briefly to an old T-shirt, for example.

Removing the tape

First things first: remove the tape as soon as possible after painting. Because our adhesive tape for chalk paint is very stable and does not tear, you can carefully remove it in one piece without leaving any residue. This works best when the paint is still wet. With varnish in particular, it is important to remove the tape while the varnish is still wet! If you have forgotten to remove the adhesive tape straight away or have painted several coats, you should carefully remove the varnish from the adhesive tape with a cutter knife and then peel it off. MissPompadour Adhesive Tape without paint residue is easily compostable.