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To Open - Can Opener

MissPompadour To Open is the practical can opener for all paint cans. With MissPompadour To Open, the can rim is not bent, so you can safely close the paint can again after use.


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MissPompadour To Open

Anyone who has ever worked as a craftsman knows that good tools are extremely important if you want to achieve a really perfect result. It's the same with painting, of course. After all, what good is the most beautiful chalk paint if the brush hairs or the paint roller runs. If the tape doesn't stick or the paint cans can't be closed properly after the work is done. That's why it's always worth investing in the tools. Because if they are of good quality, it makes your work easier and helps you to achieve a perfect result. With MissPompadour To Open, we have now developed an extremely practical tool. You can certainly paint without this great can opener, but with it you will succeed even better.

The advantages of MissPompadour To Open

First of all, this handy can opener is an efficient and easy way to prise open paint can lids. So you can leave the electric screwdriver, which is often misused for this purpose, to its actual use. With our practical can opener, you can open any paint can without much effort. And above all, this opener is actually the only one you can use to open a can without bending the lid. Because there is nothing more annoying than when a paint can can no longer be closed tightly after use. Because then the paint has quickly dried in the can. In addition, the MissPompadour can opener also has a practical square socket spanner on the side of the handle.

Quality and sustainability also at MissPompadour To Open

With all our articles, we at MissPompadour avoid goods from cheap Chinese production. Our can opener, for example, is made of stainless steel. It is produced in Germany, in Solingen. And Solingen is known for its precision metal tools. Moreover, German production always has the advantage that the goods reach us over short distances. And that in turn benefits the environment. So MissPompadour's high quality standards are also evident here.