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To Clean - Brush Soap

The handmade To Clean is perfect for cleaning the To Paint collection. With To Clean, you can maintain the quality of your brushes for many years.


Content: 1 piece

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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To Clean - MissPompadour brush soap

To clean the extremely fine brushes of our To Paint collection, we now have the wonderful To Clean - our brush soap. After all, brushes of this kind are not a disposable product. Ideally, they should accompany us for many years. This soap is a real "delicacy", made in Bavaria. It is handmade in a small factory especially for MissPompadour and consists of nothing but good ingredients. Rapeseed oil from Bavaria and the highest quality cocoa butter are used. The palm oil used is, of course, organically grown. That's why To Clean smells really delicious and also cares for your skin. The large cube, of course with the MissPompadour logo, is nice to look at and will last for many years

The use of To Clean

If you only need to interrupt your painting work, you can simply wrap the brush tightly in cling film. This will keep the paint moist for up to three days. You can then continue your work without any problems. When you have finished your work, however, you should treat your precious brush to a little care. Whether you paint with our velvety wall paints or our silk matt varnishes, To Clean will help you. First wash off any excess paint with warm water and then brush the wet brush several times over the MissPompadour brush soap. Then rinse again and repeat the process until the brush no longer releases any paint. Finally, squeeze the remaining liquid out of the brush trim. And - very important - dry it in the air and not on the heater. Place the brush in a glass with the bristles facing upwards to prevent the trim from deforming

Our brush soap under the aspect of sustainability

At MissPompadour, we place great emphasis on sustainability and environmental compatibility when selecting our products. That's why we also offer brushes that, like our To Paint, are not simply thrown away after use. These brushes are handmade in Germany. They are of such high quality that they are a real pleasure to work with. And with the right care, they will accompany us for many years. That's why we now have our absolutely environmentally friendly and sustainable To Clean for this care.