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To Fill - Filler

To Fill by MissPompadour is a versatile filler for indoors and outdoors. To Fill dries extremely quickly and is easy to sand.
  • Very quick drying
  • For inside & outside
  • Easy to paint over
  • Also suitable for metal


Content: 0.4 Kilogramm (€24.75 / 1 Kilogramm)

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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Therefore To Fill

High quality - For indoors & outdoors - Very fast drying - Easy to recoat - Ready to use - Water based

Easily repair holes and cracks

With To Fill you prepare your walls for painting. As the filler dries very quickly, you can achieve large layer thicknesses in a short time. It is easy to sand and robust.
Save yourself a trip to the DIY store and simply order all the products you need directly from MissPompadour!

To Fill - MissPompadour Filler

Here comes another important tool that belongs to To Paint, like brush and tape. To Fill by MissPompadour is a filler that is extremely versatile. If you want to paint walls, the first requirement is that the walls are nice and smooth. They must not have any old drill holes, nail holes or other irregularities. And even if you want to hang a picture in the same place where it was hanging before, the nail must be removed first. The best way to fill the resulting hole is with To Fill. What is really practical is that this filler dries extremely quickly. This allows you to apply several layers in a row in a very short time.

The application of To Fill

First apply the filler with a stainless steel fine spatula into the hole and also a little on the immediate surroundings. Then spread the mass with the fine spatula. After drying, you can sand the surface smooth and finally apply your colour. By the way, To Fill is suitable for indoors and outdoors.

But it can be used for more than just repairing holes and unevenness on walls. This filler is a real all-rounder! It also works on plaster, concrete and primed iron. And if you want to work on doors where some hooks have left ugly holes, reach for To Fill too. You can also use it to seal holes and uneven surfaces on wood without any problems.

The product properties of To Fill

This water-based, white stain and repair filler is not only particularly good at filling and quick-drying. It is also low in pollutants and prevents rusting of metals. At normal room temperature and humidity, To Fill is dry after one to two hours and can then be further processed.