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What shades of grey are there?

Grey is versatile! It can be dark or light, warm or cool, depending on which pigments are added. You can combine it particularly effectively with a colour shade that has the same colour shades.

What shades are there?

Grey comes in different shades:

Cool shades of grey contain more blue pigments, such as Grey with Blue from MissPompadour.

Greenish greys have more green pigments and also a cooler character, such as Grey with Green from MissPompadour.

Warm greys are given a warm undertone by umber and brown pigments, such as MissPompadour Grey with Linen.

A grey can also be light or dark and cover all shades from tinted white to lightened black. The selection of grey colour shades is therefore very extensive.
Want to paint your wall all black? Then take a look at our black wall painthere .

Effect of grey as wall paint

Depending on how you want the colour to look on your walls, you can choose between warmand cool shades of grey. The warm colour scheme is particularly suitable for a cosy, homely feel. If, on the other hand, you prefer a modern, industrial-chic look, go for the cooler grey.

Which rooms is grey suitable for?

Due to the different orientations of grey tones, the colour is suitable for almost all rooms and furnishings in your home. The colour works particularly well in, for example
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Hallway
  • Bedroom

A grey-painted kitchen provides the perfect basis for accessories in different shades and trend colours. If you choose a cooler tone, such as a blue-grey wall paint, your kitchen will have a modern touch. A warmer tone, such as a light grey wall paint, makes the room cosier
In your living room, you can create a cosy atmosphere with a light, warm grey wall paint. But an accent wall with a dark grey paint can also create a great feeling of living.
In the hallway, a light grey painted wall looks inviting without being too overbearing. Wall paint in grey-green has a similar effect.
And a bedroom with grey, perhaps even dark grey wall paint has a calming effect so that you can relax in the evening. Here, too, painting just one wall - the one behind the bed, for example - a dark grey has a great effect.

Tips for the elegant trend colour

Grey wall paint can really be used anywhere. Paint your walls in shades of grey if you like furniture and decorations in bold colours. This will make all other colours shine! Accessories in different colours also go fantastically well with grey walls and become eye-catchers. So you can redesign your rooms again and again with colourful decorations without much effort
If, on the other hand, you prefer colourful walls, simply paint your furniture grey. This will emphasise your wall paint, with large and bulky furniture receding into the background.

Living styles and trends in grey

Grey plays a role in various living styles. For example, grey is the focal point of a purist, minimalist style. Thefocus here is on straightforwardness and reduction.
This colour is also an essential style element in Scandi chic alongside natural tones and white. Here, it is the warm nuances that dominate.
In the industrial style, which is inspired by industrial elements, lofts and factory buildings, the cooler shades of grey are used.
Thanks to the wide range of colour nuances, this trend colour is suitable as the basis for any furnishing style.

Which colour goes with grey?

As grey is very adaptable, you can really combine anything with it. It lets your chosen combination colour take the lead and takes a back seat. Make sure that the combination colour has a similar undertone to the chosen grey
There are no limits to your ideas: combine a dark grey such as MissPompadour Grey with Black with a radiant tone such as MissPompadour Red with Coral. Grey with Warmth and White with Character from MissPompadour are also an elegant combination. When it comes to wall design, you will realise that there are countless possibilities to make your rooms shine in new splendour

If you prefer a calm and subtle overall look, combine grey with a wall paint in beige. Paint the entrance area a light grey and use a matching beige shade for your living room walls to create the perfect contrast. For a warm, cosy atmosphere, you can then choose a brown wall paint from our extensive colour scheme for your bedroom .

What can I combine grey with?

You can combine grey with all metals and types of wood.
There is no colour shade that doesn't go with grey. When combining and furnishing, pay attention to whether you use a warm or cool grey. The combined colour should have the same expression.
The decoration of any season goes well with a grey wall in the living room. Golden elements in particular, which are often found in autumn, but also in summer, provide a contrast and look very elegant together with Grey.

Which colours can I order from MissPompadour?

If you want to buy grey wall paint, you will find many different shades of grey in our shop. Whether you prefer modern or cosy - we have the right colour for you!

wall paints in grey

Our range offers you grey for all rooms and interior styles.
Whether you want to paint your hallway with our wall paint for heavy-duty walls, give your living room a velvety coat with our chalk paints or prefer to paint in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way.We have the right colour for every wall.

varnishes in grey

Of course, all our grey tones are also available in different varnish qualities. Therereally are no more limits, because you can paint almost anything with these grey varnishes. Furniture, decorations, wood panelling, tiles... Old tiles in particular can be refreshed without much effort with our tile paint in light grey . Grey tile paint can completely transform your bathroom! Take a look at our inspirations & tips to discover the endless possibilities.

Colours in different gloss levels and qualities

Each of our colour shades is available in qualities for different applications. There is at least one high-quality wall paint with a sophisticated matt finish from every manufacturer. These are suitable for all rooms. Of course, you will also find velvety chalk paints. The varnishes are available in different gloss levels. MissPompadour Just paint varnishes are available in a matt and a semi-gloss varnish. There are also the matt, chalky varnishes from the CosyColours collection.

Order wall and chalk paint in grey online at MissPompadour

Now, of course, you're spoilt for choice. Not only the colour cards, but also our customer advice will help youchoose the right colour shade . This will help you find the right quality and colour for your project. You can then easily order your sustainable wall paint, the right chalk paint and the colour-matching furniture paint, as well as all the tools you need, to your home
In our online shop, you can use the purchase on account option as well as PayPal. Payments can also be made by instant bank transfer and direct debit
Your order will arrive via DHL GoGreen within a few days and in sustainable, recycled packaging. Then you can finally get started. Have fun painting!