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order paints and varnishes for tiles: What you need to know

If you are planning to paint your tiles, we have a large selection for you in our online shop. All of our varnishes and chalk varnishes - Eggshell Varnish, Matt Varnish and even our LittlePomp chalk varnish - are suitable for wall tiles that are subject to little wear. If you want to paint floor tiles or wall tiles in damp rooms, we recommend the Eggshell Varnish quality, as it is particularly hard-wearing.

It is best to start by choosing a colour that you like, for example a tile paint in white, brown or beige.

These products are suitable as tile varnish

Our own brand of high-quality varnishes with high durability
  • Robust and semi-matt for indoor and outdoor use
  • 93 colour shades in clear and finely coordinated nuances
  • sustainably produced, durable and easy to clean
  • suitable for varnishing tiles on the wall, on the floor, in the bathroom & kitchen
  • available in 1 l and 2.5 l containers - colour cardn available

LittlePomp chalk varnish
Soft pastel colours from our collection specially curated for children, but which also enchant adults!
  • Matt varnish for lightly used wall tiles
  • harmless to health, VOC free
  • saliva-resistant and resilient
  • available in 750 ml containers - Colour cardn available

In addition to tile paint, there is also our hard-wearing and washable wall paint, which is ideal for walls with a plaster or wallpaper surface that are subject to heavy wear. For example, you can paint not only the tiles in the bathroom, but also the rest of the walls and the ceiling in a matching colour.

What makes tile paint stand out?

You can paint your tiles really easily with our varnishes. Conventional tile paint is usually complicated to use because it is mixed from two components and has to be applied quickly. It is also an imposition on your nose and health. The nasty odour often lingers for a long time

Our MissPompadour tile paints are ready to use, practically odourless and can be applied without much previous experience. They are easy to apply to tiles and joints. Thanks to the slightly thicker consistency, there are hardly any colour bubbles and you get an even result. You can also apply the second coat after just 4 - 6 hours.

The tile paints from our online shop also impress with their high opacity. Regardless of whether the substrate is light or dark - after 2 - 3 coats, nothing will be visible. The finish of our satin matt Eggshell Varnish quality looks elegant, it is robust and easy to clean. You can carefully walk on the surface again after just a few hours of drying. Matt Varnish and LittlePomp chalk varnishes are completely matt varnishes whose velvety surface particularly emphasises the depth of colour.

Our tile varnishes adhere to almost all substrates. However, there are a few exceptions: Waxed or otherwise impregnated tiles cannot usually be painted, nor can tiles with a lotus effect.

When is tile paint used?

Whenever you get tired of your old tiles, our tile paint can help! You don't need new tiles, paint is enough to completely transform your room. Whether you want to paint over colourful, old tiles in a neutral colour or spice up boring tiles with bold colours such as turquoise or orange tile paint - you'll find the right shade with us. Whether it's tile paint for floors, varnish for tiles in the kitchen, wall tiles or floor tiles, you can paint over almost all surfaces with our colours.

Our paints have good adhesion to tile substrates. We even have a solution for silicone joints: paint over them with MissPompadour To Seal Silicone and your paint will last! They will be more robust and scratch-resistant if you prime your tiles with To Bond & Block beforehand. We recommend priming especially on floor tiles and in areas that get damp. However, priming with MissPompadour To Bond & Block also provides additional stability for smooth or stressed wall tiles, such as in the shower or on the tiled splashback in the kitchen. On these stressed surfaces, you should also finish the coating with MissPompadour To Seal to create an additional protective layer that makes the coating last even longer.

Tile paint: colours for every taste

We are well aware that finding the right colour is often not easy. That's why we make it different, and simple! The additional special colours below are not necessary and the opacity is also impressive in itself.

What colours of tile paint are available?

You have the choice of many great colour shades. Whether grey or blue tile paint, pink or black tile paint - you'll find your favourite colour here! Tip: As colours always look slightly different on the screen than on the wall, order our colour cards in advance to find the right colour.

Can I paint tiles with chalk paint?

Chalk paints are ideal for painting your tiles that are not subject to much wear and tear. The LittlePomp chalk varnishes are also suitable. These matt paints are robust and easy to clean, which makes them suitable for wall tiles. For heavily used tiles on the floor or in damp rooms, however, we recommend the even more robust Eggshell Varnish.

Painting tiles: a few tips for application

How much tile paint per square metre?

As a rule, 1 litre of tile paint is sufficient for 8 to 10 m² with 2 coats, depending on the quality and substrate. We also recommend at least 2 coats so that your tile paint can develop its full robustness and colour brilliance. It is best to roughly calculate the area to be painted. Then simply enter the number of square metres in the quantity calculator, which you will find next to each colour shade in the shop. The calculated consumption always refers to 2 coats, which is sufficient for most colour shades. Some colours, such as red tile paints, often require a third coat, as red shades generally cover less well than other colours.

Is tile paint waterproof?

Of course, our tile paints cannot simply be wiped off with water, so nothing stands in the way of a new tile colour in the bathroom. However, if you paint tiles that come into contact with water very often - e.g. in the shower or on the backsplash in the kitchen - you should additionally protect the varnish with MissPompadour To Seal against the increased moisture load.

Please note that our varnishes do not tolerate standing water. We therefore advise against painting floor tiles inside a shower or uncovered tiles outdoors. Of course, you can also clean painted tiles with mild cleaning agents.

Which tiles should I prime?

We recommend priming floor tiles and tiles in damp areas in any case, as it additionally stabilises the coating. Wall tiles in the shower and the backsplash in the kitchen also benefit from priming with MissPompadour Primer To Bond & Block.

Which tiles should I seal after painting?

The same applies here: the durability of heavily used tiles is increased by the topcoat. We therefore recommend sealing floor tiles and wall tiles in the shower in particular.

How long does a coat of tile paint last?

This depends very much on how much the tiles are used on a daily basis, so it is difficult to give specific information here. However, we always receive feedback from customers who painted two or more years ago and are still very satisfied. Tip: Small scratches can be easily corrected afterwards - so it's worth keeping the rest of the tile paint!

Tile paint and tile varnish: Order colours in the MissPompadour Paint shop

Thanks to their stability, our colours have a long service life. And the varnishes and paints are also great for when things need to be done quickly, as they dry quickly.

Sustainability is a top priority for us when developing our MissPompadour Paints. The Eggshell Varnish quality is water-based, low-odour and also very suitable for households with children due to its low content of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Is sustainability as important to you as it is to us? Then take a look at what MissPompadour is doing for sustainability!
You can find detailed information on how to proceed and what you should look out for when painting tiles in our tile-painting magazine with detailed step-by-step instructions. You'll also find beautiful pictures of our customers who have already customised their tiles.

Green, petrol or yellow tile paint? Not sure which colour is right for you? Our free colour and customer advice is here for you!