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What is chalk paint?

Chalk paints are paints to which chalk of various origins has been added to create a special effect. These colours are characterised by their viscous consistency and particularly velvety matt surface.

The difference between chalk paint and chalk varnish

We use the term chalk paint to describe wall paints with chalk content. These are water-based and contain little to no solvents and very little binder. They are therefore best applied to porous surfaces such as plaster or exposed wood - they are not as durable as varnishes on smooth surfaces.
The chalk varnishes, on the other hand, have a higher binder content, which makes them more stable. They bond more strongly with the surface and can therefore also be applied to smooth surfaces. This is the most important reason why you can apply chalk varnishes to practically any surface, although the term chalk paint is often also used colloquially for chalk varnish - for example, "chalk paint for furniture" often also means chalk varnish.

3 good reasons for chalk paint

We are often asked what makes these high-quality paints so special and why you should buy chalk paint rather than the usual products from the DIY store.
Here are three good reasons in favour of high-quality chalk paints:
  • Chalk paints and chalk varnishes are ecologically safer than the usual paints from the DIY store. They are safer for health, more environmentally friendly and much more pleasant to work with.
  • The difference between chalk paints and conventional DIY store paints is already noticeable in the smell. Chalk paints only give off a subtle odour, and the smell also dissipates quickly - so you don't have to put up with any acrid vapours. This makes painting in enclosed spaces such as hallways or basements particularly pleasant. Chalk paints are also low-VOC to VOC-free.
  • Chalk paints create an incomparably velvety, matt surface that makes your rooms look really classy. The depth of colour of the high-quality paint really comes into its own.

Areas of application: This is what you use chalk paint and chalk varnish for

Chalk paint is primarily intended for walls. You can apply it to plaster, other wall paints, wallpaper and many other rough and porous surfaces. You can also use chalk paint as a wood colour on exposed wood, as it absorbs into the wood. You can achieve the most matt and powdery result with chalk paint.

Which chalk paints can I order from MissPompadour?

You can buy high-quality chalk paints in our shop. Depending on the collection and quality, the paints and varnishes are more suitable for different areas of application. We recommend that you orderthe colour cards. This allows you to test the colours in your room and in different lighting conditions.

Colour quality
colour shades
  • Chalk paint
  • chalk varnish

  • matt chalk-based wall paint for interior use
  • matt varnish for less stressed interior surfaces
15 enchantingly subtle, matt colour shades
  • chalk varnish
  • matt varnish for less stressed interior surfaces
more than 30 warm, muted colour shades

Colourful all-rounder: the great properties of chalk paints

Chalk paints and varnishes are not only safer for your health. They also have many other properties that speak in their favour.
If you have painted your first project with chalk paint, you can certainly understand all the advantages. Not only is chalk paint particularly easy to use, it is also absolutely suitable for everyday use. You can simply wipe off stains on the wall with water without damaging the paint and it can also withstand the odd knock without any problems. Chalk paints are also highly breathable, which is a great advantage in terms of building biology.

When wet, chalk paints are water-soluble. This means that you can simply wash out splashes or blobs of paint, even on fabric, under running water. However, once the chalk paint has hardened, this can be difficult. This is because chalk paints are waterproof. But that's also why they are so wonderful for painting fabrics!

FAQ: Frequently asked questions about our chalk paints

Our paints belong to the absolute top class of chalk paints. This is particularly evident in their opacity and durability.

What is the opacity of chalk paints?

Depending on the substrate, 2-3 coats of chalk paints and chalk varnishes are sufficient on average to achieve an opaque and rich result. However, how many coats you ultimately need also depends on the chosen colour shade.
Some people also prefer a translucent coat when it comes to exposed wood. This is usually the case if the piece of furniture is to be embellished in a shabby style. To do this, the varnish can be diluted with a little water and applied with a brush - and you have the desired effect.

How long does chalk paint last?

If you apply chalk paint to your wall, there is no limit to how long it will last - but of course, as always, it depends on how heavy the load is. In a lively household with children or animals, for example, you will probably have to repaint the hallway sooner than a rarely used guest room.

What is the difference to chalk paint?

The most important difference between chalk paint and lime paint is the main ingredient. Chalk paints contain ground chalk, whereas lime paints are produced with slaked lime, so-called marsh lime.

Lime paints can only be applied to mineral substrates such as concrete and stone and it is difficult to achieve a perfect, evenly covering result with them. As lime paint is corrosive, hands and especially eyes must be protected when working with it. Pure lime paint binds to minerals and does not require any added binding agents. It is therefore more open to diffusion than chalk paint. Despite all its advantages, lime paint is a niche product that is used particularly in the professional sector and in the preservation of historical monuments.

You can also paint chalk paints for walls on plastered or wallpapered walls. They are good for achieving an even result. They are viscous and ecologically safe. Chalk paints as wall paint provide you with a velvety, powdery surface and give your walls a very distinctive look.

What is the difference between chalk paint and wall paint?

Chalk paint is a wall paint that contains a high proportion of high-quality chalk and pigments in addition to a low binder content. This makes it superior to a normal emulsion paint in terms of its ingredients. It is water-based and can be painted on many substrates thanks to its composition. It is also environmentally friendly and regulates the indoor climate. Chalk paint allows moisture to pass through, which prevents mould growth and is particularly useful for wet rooms.

How can I remove chalk paint?

Depending on the surface, sandpaper and a wire brush can help to remove old paint.

Chalk paint: Which roller should I use to paint the wall?

Long pile rollers can be used to paint chalk paint very well on textured surfaces. The roller size can then be selected depending on the size of the piece of furniture or wall. We have the paint roller for chalk paint 18cm on offerfor you .

Buy chalk paint in the MissPompadour Shop

When you order chalk paints in our shop, you not only get high-quality wall and furniture paints that are safe for you and your home. You also get environmentally friendly paint with short delivery routes - our MissPompadour Paints are produced in Europe.
Of course, you also benefit from our many years of experience and the expertise of our customer advisors if you have any questions. Simply get in touch with our free colour and customer advice service if you need help with your project.