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Colour cards from MissPompadour, CosyColours & LittlePomp

Still not sure which colour is right for you? Then order the colour cards from the various MissPompadour collections to your home now. On the cards you can see the original and true-to-colour selection of colours in our shop.

Colour cards from the MissPompadour Just paint collection

The colour samples from the Just paint collection by MissPompadour are available as individually removable colour cards in postcard format. The pretty box contains all the regular colour shades from the collection. The colour scheme of the Just paint! Collection now contains over 90 colours.

Our colour cards are suitable for all 4 colour qualities, both for the wall paints and the varnishes. You can use them not only to find your favourite colour, but also to test the colour effect in the room. As the colour cards are colourfast and have a large format, you get a good impression of how the paint will look in your rooms later on. If you are painting furniture, you can also carefully attach the colour sample to your piece of furniture to find out whether the effect matches the other colours in the room and what moods and contrasts it creates.

LittlePomp colour samples

The colour samples from the LittlePomp collection are also available in postcard format. Each colour card is individually painted by hand. This allows you to take the mood created by the chalky finish of these matt pastel shades into account when choosing your colour. All 15 shades are available as wall paint and chalk varnish.

CosyColours colour card

There are of course also colour samples for our CosyColours chalk varnish collection. These are hand-painted and applied to a practical, foldable card. So you have all 32 colour shades at a glance!

Why buy colour cards?

The colours displayed on monitors often deviate from reality and are not true to colour. One of the reasons for this is that monitors are usually not optimally adjusted (= calibrated). You can carry out this calibration yourself by searching for "Calibrate screen" or "Screen options" in the system settings, for example, and then selecting the settings according to the recommendations.

However, even a perfectly calibrated monitor can still deliver "distorted" results. How the colour really looks always depends on whether the room is bright or dark, is lit with artificial light and what other colour shades are present in the room.

For all these reasons, we recommend that you buy our colour cards in advance. They will give you a colour-true impression and allow you to reliably determine your desired colour.

Ordering the colour cards

It is important to us that you can make a well-informed decision - and colour cards are essential for this given the large selection. That's why we deliver your colour cards free of charge!

Colour consultancy

If the cards are not enough for you, you can also call our customer service team and get advice directly from us. You can also get advice online. Use the online consultation for this.

Our project sets are customisable shopping aids that guarantee you won't forget a single product. You can also find our practical quantity calculator on our product pages, which will help you to calculate the right paint quantity for your project. Get inspiration from the colour cards and find your favourite shade! We are happy to help you express your creativity and design your home with exactly the colour shades that suit you.