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The stencils from MissPompadour are made of elastic and stable plastic. The material is completely transparent, which has the advantage that the colour application can be constantly checked. The edges are cut extremely precisely to achieve clear contours. To ensure linear application, each stencil is provided with application points.

Made in our own factory

The stencil pattern is plotted in a DIN A4 format, which you can cut to size yourself. The stencils are easy to clean after use and can therefore be used again and again. The stencil is supplied in an attractive envelope, which is also suitable for storage.

How do I use the stencil?

The best way to apply colour is with a dab brush. These brushes are round and flattened at the tip. The colour is dabbed vertically onto the stencil. Make sure that the brush does not contain too much liquid so that the colour cannot run behind the stencil. The stencil is suitable for use with all MissPompadour Paints. Depending on the surface, you can work with both wall paint and chalk varnishes.

Which colour is right?

The varnishes and wall paints from MissPompadour are ideal because the colours are rather creamy and can be used well for stenciling.
To keep the stenciln plumb on the wall or tiles, we recommend marking vertical and horizontal lines inconspicuously with a pencil before stencilling.

With some stenciln designs, you can also work very well with two different colours to create interesting contrasts. On stencilled tiles, the colour application should then be stabilised with To Seal from MissPompadour.