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Washable wall paint for heavy-duty use: what you need to know

With dirt-repellent and washable wall paint, you get a durable wall that is easy to wash and clean, so stains can't harm it. The wipe-resistant paint is ideal for your interior walls. Wipe-clean paint is particularly practical for kitchens and increases the lifespan of your painted surface enormously. The wall paint has a high opacity, is scrub-resistant, hard-wearing and also beautiful to look at.

What characterises wipeable paint?

If you paint your walls with washable wall paint, they can be easily wiped with a damp cloth. The smooth texture of the abrasion-resistant and robust paint makes it particularly easy to clean. There is no limit to how often you can wipe it down.
Although the hard-wearing wall paint is similar to latex paint in its properties, unlike latex paint it is more matt and can be easily painted over. With dirt-repellent paint, stains on the wall are a thing of the past.

Which walls can I paint or varnish with robust paint?

Hard-wearing wall paints are particularly recommended in rooms where the walls are exposed.
These include
  • Hallway
  • Kitchen
  • Bathroom
  • Toilet
  • Children's room
The wipeable wall paints are not varnishes, but breathable wall paints. Thanks to their smooth surface, water vapour and toothpaste stains can be easily wiped off. But you can also use them in the kitchen or children's room, where the odd stain can occur.
If you also have tiles in the bathroom and shower that you want to beautify, paint them with the hard-wearing tile paints. You can wipe them clean with a damp cloth and they also withstand normal moisture without any problems
Our robust and washable wall paints have another special feature: if you no longer like the colour shade, you can simply paint over them
Of course, you can also redesign walls that have already been painted with our paints. It doesn't matter whether the surface was painted with emulsion paint or another wall paint.

When is dirt-repellent paint best used?

Washable, dirt-repellent wall paint is particularly suitable for interior walls that are exposed to dirt. This could be the dining room or the wall directly behind the kitchen waste bin. Wipe-clean paints are particularly useful and practical in the kitchen.

But even if your dog likes to rub along the hallway wall after an autumn walk, spreading wet soil and water from outside on it, you should simply paint it with our smudge-resistant paints. The Functional Wall Paint is a wall paint that is particularly suitable for commercial interiors. The staircase in your apartment building, the clubhouse or the waiting room of your practice canalso be designed with this abrasion-resistant wall paint in the complete colour scheme.
You can easily wash offdirt and stains on the painted walls with a damp cloth.
It doesn't matter whether your walls are plastered or wallpapered. You can paint over them directly with our paint for plastered walls or with our paint for wallpaper and woodchip.

Choosing the right paint for heavily used walls

Even if you know that you want to paint your walls with a hard-wearing interior paint, the question remains: Which colour is suitable for painting? Different rooms are subject to different levels of wear and tear and require different levels of resilience.

Which MissPompadour Paints are suitable for heavy-duty walls?

For really heavy-duty walls, it's best to use The Functional Wall Paint. This hard-wearing wall paint is completely washable thanks to its high wet abrasion class. It still impresses with its unlimited colour brilliance. Whether you apply it in the kitchen, hallway or even the workroom, this smudge-resistant paint is guaranteed to make you happy.
It is perfect for all surfaces that need to be cleaned regularly.
But The Functional Wall Paint is not only scrub-resistant, it is also scratch and impact resistant. In terms of water vapour permeability, The Functional Wall Paint is classified as class V2. Despite the outstanding robustness and wet abrasion resistance of class 1, it is therefore "breathable".
Our washable wall paint The Functional Wall Paint can be painted over after just 6 hours. It is fully resilient after 28 days drying time.
Compared to elephant skin, you can achieve a smooth, texture-free surface with our hard-wearing wall paint (provided the substrate does not have its own texture).

Painting with washable paint: a few tips for application

Our hard-wearing wall paints are just as easy to apply as all our wall paints. It is important that the substrate is stable and not too absorbent. Because the wall paints are super opaque, you don't need to paint over the old colour shade with white paint first. Use a small paint roller for water-based paints to paint smaller areas quickly. A paint roller is also suitable for larger walls
And if you no longer like the chosen colour shade at a later date, you can simply paint over the abrasion-resistant wall paints again.

Are washable wall paints permeable?

The more washable and impact-resistant a wall paint is, the more impermeable it is. Anyone who has ever used latex paint will be familiar with the particularly smooth, glossy surface. However, The Functional Wall Paint still has a medium water vapour permeability (class V2), even though it is a hard-wearing paint.

Do the walls with wipeable wall paints remain breathable and paintable?

The paint with the washable wall paints is in the good medium range in terms of breathability. If you want a new colour shade at some point, you can simply paint over them with the new colour.

Order washable wall paints for heavy-duty use in the MissPompadour shop

Painting with MissPompadour means painting sustainably.
Not only do we pay attention to short delivery routes for our paints. We supply our warehouses with solar energy and use recyclable paper for packaging. You can either easily dispose of it with your paper waste or simply use it for your own parcels
Thanks to the long shelf life of our paints, you don't have to paint often. What's more, our colours are based on sustainable raw materials for which nothing has to be extracted. These bio-based raw materials wax within the lifetime of the paint, so there is no overexploitation.