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Colour for the outdoor area

When the days get longer and the sun gets really warm again, you look forward to spending time in the garden. You can finally relax outside again and enjoy the sunshine.
A first glance at the garden reveals that the garden table has suffered from the last autumn rain, your fences have lost some colour and the garden shed also used to look fresher. But that doesn't have to spoil your mood. Luckily, MissPompadour Paint has outdoor paints that you can use to give your garden furniture a new lease of life easily and inexpensively.

What makes outdoor paint stand out?

Our outdoor paints have many special features.
If you paint with the MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish, you can choose from a wide range of colours in our sustainably produced water-based varnish . Choose between one of the many colour shades, as they are all available as exterior colours.
If you prefer the powdery look of Painting the Past chalk paint, you can choose between 18 matt colour shades. This chalk paint for outdoor areas has additional UV protection to protectyour colour from fading.
All our outdoor paints can withstand wind and weather as well as extreme cold and heat. Despite their stability, they are odourless and do not require any additional respiratory protection - both indoors and outdoors.

What substrates can I paint or varnish outdoors?

Do you have a whole range of exterior surfaces that you would like to paint? You can paint most of them with our exterior paints without hesitation. Whether it's a painted metal table, plastic garden chairs or an unpainted Hollywood swing, our outdoor paints can be applied to all surfaces. Thanks to their high resistance, you can even apply them to wooden and plastic window frames.
Flower pots and concrete decorations also tolerate coats of outdoor paint well and are grateful for a refresher.
Even vertical tiles on the outside can be painted over with the outdoor varnishes. For example, you can match your clinker cladding to your front door.
Please note that our varnishes and chalk paints for outdoor use are water-based and do not tolerate standing water. You should therefore not paint horizontal surfaces that are not protected from rain.

The right colour for your outdoor project

As diverse as our colour scheme is, the surfaces to be painted are just as varied. Read here what you should look out for in your project.

Outdoor paint for garden furniture

If you want to paint your garden furniture, you have the choice between 2 manufacturers. Use the Eggshell Varnishes from MissPompadour or the outdoor paints from Painting the Past. It makes no difference what material your furniture is made of.
Our outdoor paint is just as suitable for wood as it is for metal and plastic.
As with all surfaces, it is also important to clean and degrease them first.

If you want to use pallet furniture in the garden, you should sand the wood before you start painting it with outdoor pallet paint. We recommend a primer, especially on exposed wood, so that the wood chips do not stand up on contact with the outdoor wood paint.
Use our MissPompadour To Bond & Blockfor this . This primer prevents substances from leaking out of the wood and prevents the paint from discolouring, especially with light colour shades. It also ensures particularly good adhesion of the paint and an even substrate.
You can also use our To Bond & Block to ensure that the paint adheres well to the substrate on plastic furniture with smooth surfaces.

Exterior paint for fences & garden sheds

Garden sheds and fences are often more susceptible to wear and tear from the weather than garden furniture. Especially when the old varnish starts to peel, it's time for a new coat of paint. With our exterior paint and outdoor chalk paint for wood, you can do this with ease
First remove all loose old paint from the wood. You can simply sand down affected areas. If you have a lot of exposed wood, use a primer here too. With To Bond & Block, you can prevent substances from escaping and discolouring your light-coloured paint.
If your garden shed needs additional weather protection, we recommend using a suitable wood protection varnish as a primer. This is the ideal way to prepare the surface. Then paint the surface with the exterior paint for wood.
To paint metal on your fence or garden shed, first sand off all the rust and thoroughly remove any dust . Then prime with a suitable rust inhibitor. This protective coating will prevent new rust from forming and affecting your colour. Then prime the smooth surface with To Bond & Block to give the paint a secure hold.
Then paint with the outdoor paint et voilà, your fences will look like new again. You can find more varnishes for metal surfaces in our shop.

Outdoor paint for windows & doors

Use one of our many exterior wood paints to give windows and front doors a new coat of paint. The weather-resistant Painting the Past outdoor chalk paints are also suitable for plastic window frames. The special thing about our outdoor paints is that they are just as suitable for indoor use. As they are odourless, you can also use them to paint your windows and doors from the inside if you want a uniform look. With white exterior paint, you can make yellowed window frames shine again or give your front door a completely new look with green exterior wood paint.
Don't be put off by the first coat, as our varnishes only build up their colour strength and coverage with the second coat.

Painting flower pots & plastic planters

For glazed flower pots, simply use one of the outdoor paint qualities. This way, you can always adapt them to your current taste. If you want to paint plastic planters, it may be worth priming them with To Bond. This gives the smooth plastic more grip and the paint adheres better to it.
Note that with unglazed terracotta pots, moisture from the soil can seep out and peel off the varnish. In this case, we recommend using one of our wall paints, as these are absorbed by the clay and do not seal the surface.

Painting outdoor furniture & decorations: a few tips for application

As with all surfaces, it is important to clean your outdoor furniture first. Use an air or water pressure cleaner to remove dust and dirt. Thesame applies to verdigris that may have accumulated in damp areas.
You should first sand down any old paint that is peeling or chipping. Further sanding is not necessary with our exterior paints. Before you paint with an outdoor varnish, it often makes sense to apply a primer. This provides a protective layer for the substrate and more grip for the paint. With our fine MissPompadour brushes in various sizes, you have the perfect tool for many outdoor projects. Choose the 25mm brush for furniture with lots of small parts or the 75mm brush if you want to paint large areas on your fence or garden shed. The paint roller is also ideal for all surfaces.
To Paint outdoors, the temperature should not permanently fall below 10 °C if possible. Therefore, wait until it is no longer so cold at night so that your paint can cure very well. In summer, you can paint early in the morning or in the evening. Avoid direct sunlight for an even result.
You can find everything else you need to know about painting your outdoor furniture in our blog article on painting garden furniture.

Which outdoor paints are available from MissPompadour?

You can order various high-quality outdoor paints and chalk paints in our shop.

Outdoor chalk paint from Painting the Past

Painting the Past outdoor chalk paints are water-based, very durable and weatherproof. The outdoor paint is suitable for many surfaces, such as furniture, window frames and garden sheds. The outdoor chalk paint also offers high opacity and easy application on concrete and stone.

The chalk varnish can be used on many surfaces without a primer and can be applied with abrush, a paint roller or a paint spray system.

MissPompadour Outdoor paint

The MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish is a slightly glossy varnish suitable for indoor and outdoor use and can be applied to many surfaces, such as wood, smooth surfaces and metal. With Eggshell Varnish, you can achieve a smooth and easy-care surface for your outdoor project.

Order outdoor paint in the MissPompadour Paint Shop

Once you have planned your project, you can order everything you need from us. You will find a wide selection of high-quality outdoor colours in our shop:
  • MissPompadour Eggshell Varnishes
  • Painting the Past outdoor chalk paints
You can also get the right primer and all accessories from us. Save yourself a trip to the DIY store. If you're not sure which materials you really need, get in touch with our free customer service team. We'll be happy to help you!
We will then send your order climate-neutrally via DHL GoGreen. We also attach great importance to sustainability in the packaging of our parcels. That's why we only use cardboard and paper as packaging and old cardboard boxes as filling material.