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LittlePomp brush 35mm

The LittlePomp wall brush 35mm is produced sustainably. It is a flat brush with a high thickness for good paint absorption, which is particularly suitable for painting walls.


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LittlePomp wall brush 35mm

The LittlePomp wall brush 35 mm is used in all those places that you can't reach with a paint roller. Use it to paint corners and angles, along skirting boards and around window and door frames. The LittlePomp wall brush 35 mm is also ideal if you want to paint motifs on the wall in the children's room.

Sustainable production

Our brushes are also produced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Like all MissPompadour brushes, the LittlePomp wall brush is manufactured in a brush manufactory in Germany. During the production chain, strict attention is paid to the sustainability of each work step from start to finish. Brushes are still largely made by hand.

The ergonomically shaped handle of the LittlePomp wall brush 35 mm is made of wood. The wooden handle feels wonderful in the hand and is much more skin-friendly than plastic.

The brush frame of our sustainable brush is made from recycled tinplate. Reusing old metal is an important step towards sustainable production. The dense bristles - as the experts call the fine bristles of the brush - are firmly anchored in this metal frame. And immovable means that this brush definitely does not lose any hair when painting. The bristles are made from recycled polyester.

This bristle material absorbs the wall paint well and releases it evenly. In addition, unlike natural bristles, polyester does not swell, so that an even application of paint is guaranteed. After use, it is worth cleaning the brush with warm water and our great brush soap To Clean. This way, you can reuse it many times.