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Stencil Barcelona | 19cm

The stencil Barcelona is based on a Moorish tile pattern. The stencil Barcelona gives tiles on the wall or on the floor a southern Spanish touch.
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MissPompadour Stencil Barcelona

The stencil Barcelona is a perfect tile stencil. The oriental-looking motif is inspired by old Moorish patterns. You can imagine tiles like this in a hammam or in an atrium in Marrakech. If you want to bring this atmosphere into your home, then stencil Barcelona is the right choice. You can also work with this stencil in several colours. First use the first colour and let it dry. After that, put the stencils on again and apply the second colour. Of course, the very patient can also use more colours. But remember to clean the stencil well after using one colour, otherwise the old colour could come off when you apply the new one.

Printing on wall tiles with stencil Barcelona

Here, too, it is important that you apply the pattern exactly perpendicular to achieve a beautiful, even picture. The fixing points that we have attached to each stencil help you to do this. When working with tiles, we especially recommend the varnish in Eggshell Varnish from MissPompadour. With this you can first paint over the tiles. Then apply the pattern with the stencil Barcelona and one or more contrasting colours. But if you like the colour of your tiles, you can of course print them directly. By the way, the varnish is resistant to water and soap and also lasts in the shower.

Printing on floor tiles with stencil Barcelona

You can also create a wonderful wellness atmosphere on the bathroom floor with the southern design of stencil Barcelona. Prepare the floor tiles in the same way as the wall tiles. First apply one of the stable varnishes over the entire surface. After it has dried, print the Moorish pattern with the stencil Barcelona. On the floor, however, you must also seal the surface. After all, a bathroom floor needs to be moist cleanable and hard-wearing. Use the topcoat from Painting the Past for this.