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Stencil Berlin | 19cm

The clear design of stencil Berlin also fits in with modern furnishing concepts. With stencil Berlin, you can give tiles, but also walls, a timeless design.
This is how it works with the stencils
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The MissPompadour Stencil Berlin

Not everyone likes it romantic, some love it more straightforward. For all those who love clear shapes, there is the stencil Berlin. It consists of interlocking circles that form a flat pattern. With stencil Berlin, you can create a great design for your floor tiles. This is because the pattern has a rather calm effect on the surface. But a tabletop in the kitchen can also be given a whole new effect with this pattern. You can also imagine stencil Berlin as a somewhat stricter border on the wall. There are no limits to your creativity with this stencil.

How to use the stencil Berlin on the floor

First of all, you should clean the floor tiles well. They must be free of dust and grease. Then paint the tiles with the desired base colour. It is best to use the varnish Eggshell Varnish from MissPompadour. For easier work on the floor, you can extend a roller with a broom handle. Always paint twice. Then let the varnish dry thoroughly before you start stencilling. Hold the stencil firmly and apply the paint vertically with a stencil brush. Once the stencil application is dry, seal the paint with To Seal from MissPompadour. After 14 days, the tiles will be stable and hard-wearing.

The application of MissPompadour Stencil Berlin on wood

The stencil Berlin is also perfect for stencilling wood. Maybe you give a table top or your cupboard doors a whole new look with this stencil. This interesting, two-dimensional motif looks very good on furniture. To stencil wood you also need chalk varnish or our water-based varnishes. On open wood and rough surfaces you can also use wax.