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Colour cards | Just paint collection

Find your favourite colour with the MissPompadour colour cards in a generous postcard format.
  • All 93 colour shades in DIN A6 format
  • Excellent quality of colour reproduction thanks to sprayed-on colour layer
  • colour cards free with the purchase of a €100 gift card
  • Free shipping to Germany & Austria
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Content: 1 piece

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Colour cards: What's in the box?

The colour cards set contains all 93 regular colour shades of the MissPompadour collection. Only special colours are excluded. Each colour card is the size of a postcard. On the back you will find a description of the colour shades.

How are the colour cards used?

Choose your favourites and hold them on the wall or on your furniture. Fix the card with masking tape and see how the colour changes with the light at different times of the day.

What are the advantages of the colour cards?

One of the biggest advantages is the format. Other colour cards are often only the size of postage stamps. The A6 postcard format of the MissPompadour colour cards allows you to really get a feel for the colour on the wall

The detailed colour shade description on the back contains information about the colour composition and offers inspiration on how you can combine the colour

MissPompadour colour cards - Simply paint collection

The MissPompadour colour cards differ from the colour cards of other collections in many ways. First of all, we have succeeded in finding a printing company that can spray colour onto each card in such a way that the respective colour shade appears absolutely true to the original on the colour card. The producer of our colour cards does nothing other than print colour cards in exceptionally excellent colour reproduction quality. So you can be sure that the MissPompadour colour cards will reproduce every single colour shade of our colour scheme perfectly.

The great advantage of this process is that we can offer the colour sample in a considerable size. This gives you the opportunity to judge the colour shades really accurately. With normal colour cards, only a small strip of colour can be applied at a time. Because of that, the colour shades always appear slightly darker than they do on the large surface. The new MissPompadour colour cards have the proud format DIN A6. And that means postcard size. They are sprayed with colour right up to the edge. This allows you to seamlessly apply the cards to other colour shades on walls and textiles and view them in the lighting conditions of your home. So you can make a well-informed choice of wall paint or varnish.

The MissPompadour colour card in its packaging

The MissPompadour colour card set comes to you in a pretty box. You can remove the cards individually from the box. This allows you to place different colour shades next to each other and compare them exactly. Pin one or two colour cards to the wall to get an impression of their effect in any light. You can also simply take the colour card with you when you want to choose curtains or furniture.

The informative MissPompadour colour cards

On the large colour cards in postcard format, you can not only see and judge the colour wonderfully. On the back of each colour card you will also find a detailed description of the individual colour shades, because often you get a better picture of the colour shade when you read about its composition. For example, it is often not immediately obvious that grey shades contain traces of green or red pigments. This doesn't matter if you like the colour. But it is important if you want to combine one colour with another. This is because the eye unconsciously makes a connection between the pigment proportions of the individual colours. For example, if you use a grey with very little blue pigment, you should combine a white with a blue pigment. This creates a harmonious overall impression. Each colour card also has a QR code on the back that takes you to the colour page. There you can immediately see the qualities and container sizes in which your selected colour shade is available.