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Stencil Little Clouds | 23cm

The MissPompadour Stencil Little Clouds shows two soft little clouds with little hearts dripping out of them - how sweet is that? With the MissPompadour Stencil Little Clouds you can give your children's room a very individual touch.
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Content: 1 piece

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The MissPompadour Stencil Little Clouds

Maybe there was a little wind. And so the smaller of the two clouds pushed itself a little in front of the bigger one. And as it is with clouds: A little rain comes out of them. But it's not cold water raining out of these adorable Little Clouds, it's little hearts. With the stencil Little Clouds you can emphasise one or two individual spots on the wall. It can also be placed next to each other and used as a border. In any case, this attractive motif not only stimulates the imagination of the little room inhabitants. It also pleases the eye of parents and visitors.

The colour selection for the application of stencil Little Clouds

At the beginning of a stencil work there is always the colour selection. The colour of the pattern should contrast well in intensity with the base colour. With stencil Little Clouds, it is particularly useful to work with two or three different colours. You can make the larger cloud darker and the smaller one lighter. The motif then stands out particularly vividly on the wall. The dripping hearts can also be painted in a different colour. Maybe you still have some leftovers?

Using the stencil Little Clouds

To Stencil, it is especially important that you work absolutely perpendicular. The eye will not forgive even the slightest deviation from the horizontal and vertical lines. That's why we always recommend working with a spirit level. Draw light lines that you can use for orientation. Use a soft pencil so that you can erase the lines at the end. Each stencil is also provided with orientation points to help you stop. Even if you only want to place individual motifs with the stencil Little Clouds, it is advisable to make a sketch of the wall or piece of furniture beforehand. And remember: never fill the stencil brush with too much paint. It could run behind the stencil and destroy the motif.