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Stencil Little Whale | 25.5cm

The MissPompadour creative stencil Little Whale shows a small underwater scenario. A coral and an aquatic plant seem to sway in the water and a Little Whale puffs up a fountain in between. The Little Whale creative stencil is sure to delight all children and stimulate their imagination.
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Content: 1 piece

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The stencil Little Whale

Isn't he cute, the little baby whale? You can see right away that he's in a good mood, so cheerfully he sprays his water fountain upwards. So that he doesn't swim around all alone, the stencil Little Whale also contains a stylised underwater plant and a small coral. This makes it possible to print a coherent picture. This stencil is ideal as a single image - even on a piece of furniture. But you can also print it several times on the wall. This way you can easily create a whole baby whale aquarium. Your children will be thrilled. Maybe there will be a whole series of Little Whale bedtime stories in the future. Just like painting with MissPompadour Paints, there are no limits to your imagination..

The choice of colours for the stencil Little Whale

Since the scenario of this stencil is set in water, it is natural to stay in the colour play of water. All light aqua and blue tones are suitable as basic colours. For example, Green with Glacier, Green with Aqua and Blue with Cloud by MissPompadour. Two examples of contrasting colours would be Green with Moss or Green with Ocean by MissPompadour. Take a look at our colour cards.

How to use the stencil Little Whale

If you want to decorate an entire wall with the stencil motifs, we recommend that you roughly mark out where the individual motifs should end up on the wall beforehand. The wall should not look overcrowded. After all, you don't want to create a "wallpaper effect". Use a soft pencil for drawing. This will be easy to remove later. And when stencilling, be careful not to fill the brush with too much paint. It could run behind the stencil and prevent sharp contours.