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Stencil Lyon | 19cm

The stencil Lyon impresses with its elegant lines. The décor of this stencil can also be displayed well with two different colours. The stencil Lyon is perfect for the French-Antique style.
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The MissPompadour Stencil Lyon

You can use the elegant motif of the stencil Lyon both as a border and as a tile decor. The middle motif of the stencil is particularly suitable as a border, whereas the complete stencil is ideal as a tile decor. You also have the option of decorating the tiles only with the corners of the motif. As always, your creativity and imagination are called for. By the way, the design of the stencil Lyon comes from a frieze in a small chateau in France. With the stencil, you can easily bring this style into your home. Because the stencil Lyon is the perfect embodiment of the French-Antique style.

Using the stencil Lyon on the wall

If you want to tackle a wall design in the French-Antique style, then you should first start with the careful selection of colours. You can achieve the slightly "lived-in" look particularly well by choosing two identical colours, but with different colour intensities. First, paint the lighter colour on the wall and then stencil in the darker colour. Make sure you use as little paint as possible in the brush. Firstly, this prevents paint from running behind the stencil, which would result in blurred contours. Secondly, you achieve a refined effect when the pattern appears only very lightly on the wall. Such a discreet pattern application goes particularly well with Shabby Chic.

The use of stencil Lyon on furniture

The elegant French motif of stencil Lyon can also be used to beautifully decorate furniture. For example, use the corner motifs of the stencil on the corners of drawers. Or decorate the backs of wooden chairs by applying the centre motif of stencil Lyon to them. As always, there are endless possibilities. To Stencil wood you need our water-based varnishes. On open wood and rough surfaces you can also work with wax.