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Stencil Rotterdam | 27cm

With the stencil Rotterdam, the designer has created a classic border stencil. Delicate blossoms and tendrils delight the heart of every romantic with the stencil Rotterdam.
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The MissPompadour Stencil Rotterdam

With the stencil Rotterdam, the designers have created a lovely floral motif. It is delicate and rather discreet, which is what makes it so attractive. This design fits wonderfully into a country house interior. Place a frieze with this pretty border about 30cm below the ceiling or create a border in your bathroom about 130cm high. You could also frame a window or door with this pretty floral pattern. The stencil Rotterdam also looks particularly elegant when you apply just a single motif in the middle of a door. As always, MissPompadour stencils call for your creativity.

Preparation for stenciling on wood with the stencil Rotterdam

If you want to work on raw wood with the stencil Rotterdam stencil, we especially recommend the matt varnish MissPompadour Matt Varnish. Here is how you proceed: First, think carefully about where you want to use the stencil on the wood. You may want to make a rough sketch first. Then draw lines on the piece of furniture with a soft pencil and a spirit level. You can then use this as a guide when laying out the stencil. It is important that the base coat is thoroughly dry. All stencils are provided with points to make your work easier.