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set of 10 Stirring Sticks - Stirring Sticks

set of 10 To Paint - The MissPompadour stirring stick is a practical tool that helps you to paint. set of 10 for stirring - The MissPompadour stirring stick is not only suitable for stirring paint. It can also be used for many other purposes.


Content: 10 piece (€0.60 / 1 piece)

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set of 10 For Stirring - The MissPompadour Stirring Stick

Actually it is just a piece of smooth wood with the unmistakable MissPompadour logo. Its most important task is to distribute the pigments evenly in the paint by stirring. What different objects have not already been misused for this task! From a cooking spoon to a Chinese chopstick, from a piece of mixing wood guaranteed to leave splinters in the paint to a rapidly softening cardboard roll made from the inside of kitchen towels. Most of the time, this doesn't work well at all and often these items abused in this way are impossible to use After.
That's why we at MissPompadour have developed a sturdy little wooden stick, which, by the way, is by no means just for stirring. The practical little tool supports you in many activities around painting.
Here are a few ideas:

set of 10 for stirring - The MissPompadour stirring rod as a ruler

When painting, it is always important to draw straight lines. Put on the stirring stick and simply paint along the straight edge. It doesn't matter if paint lands on the stick.
For example, if you want to keep even spacing when stencilling, help yourself by drawing a mark on your matchstick.
Want to remove your tape even though the varnish is quite dry? Place a stirring stick on the edge of the tape and run a cutter knife along it. This will reliably prevent you from tearing off paint in addition to the tape.

set of 10 for stirring - The MissPompadour stirring rod as an "archive" or as a brush tray

How about keeping a used stir stick after painting? Write down the colour shade and the furniture or room where it was used on the stick. This way, over time, you will have a collection of colours that you can recall at any time.
By the way, if you want to put your brush down for a moment while painting, simply place it with the trim on your matchstick. This keeps the paint away from the surface.