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Stencil Marrakesch | 19cm

The stencil Marrakech is a particularly attractive motif that not only looks great on tiles. With stencil Marrakech, you can bring an oriental flair into your home.
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The stencil Marrakech

The mysterious, oriental city of Marrakech with its mosques and colourful souks where merchants sell their wares inspired our designer to create this stencil. This city with its beautiful buildings and gardens has been a World Heritage Site since 1985. Anyone who visits it is immersed in the world of One Thousand and One Nights. One is enchanted by the sound of the strange noises and is thrilled by the beauty of the buildings and gardens. And everywhere in the city, in mosques and hidden courtyards, you come across beautiful tiles that delight you with their oriental motifs. The tile motif of stencil Marrakech comes from exactly here.

The stencil Marrakesh in use on the floor - preparation

First of all, you should clean the floor well, the surface must be free of dust and, above all, grease. Use To Clean from MissPompadour for this. Then apply the base colour. For tiles, it is best to use our stable varnishes Eggshell Varnish from MissPompadour. For ease of use, extend your paint roller with a broom handle. In any case, paint the floor twice and let the paint dry thoroughly. Only then use the stencil Marrakesh.

Working with stencil Marrakesh

When laying out the stencil, make sure to work perpendicularly. For floor tiles, you can align yourself with the subfloor tiles. For wooden floors, use a spirit level to determine horizontal and vertical lines. Mark these lines on the floor with a soft pencil. Also use the marks that you find on the stencil. Whenever you stencil with different colours, let the paint dry well after each colour application before you start with the next colour. The stencil Marrakech can be easily cleaned with water after each colour application. The floor is then sealed at the very end.