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Stencil Sevilla | 19cm

The design of the stencil Sevilla is reminiscent of Moorish motifs like those found in the Alcazár in Seville. With stencil Sevilla, you can bring a piece of Spain into your home.
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Stencil Seville

The sun-drenched capital of Andalusia has given its name to stencil Seville. Among many other highlights offered by the magnificent city centre of Seville, the Alcazár Royal Palace is one of the most impressive. The fascinating thing here is that it combines Moorish and Christian art into a very special form of expression. That is why anyone who has ever walked through the rooms in amazement will understand why this stencils design is called Seville. Because the beautiful flower pattern of the stencil Sevilla can be found again and again in the Alcazár in an infinite variety of colours on ceilings and walls. The stencil Sevilla is very suitable for tiles, especially on the floor. But you can also put the flowers together to form a long border. This is a great way to bring Spanish temperament and Andalusian flair into your home.

The stencil on the floor

First of all, clean the floor well. The surface should be free of dust and, above all, grease. Simply use To Clean. Then apply the base colour. For tiles, it is best to use our MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish. For easier work, you can extend your paint roller with a broom handle. Always paint the floor twice and allow the paint to dry thoroughly. Only then can you use the stencil Sevilla.

Working with the stencil Sevilla

When applying the stencil, make sure to work perpendicularly. With floor tiles, you can align yourself with the subfloor tiles. For wooden floors, use a spirit level to determine horizontal and vertical lines. Mark these lines on the floor with a soft pencil. Use the marks that you find on the stencil. Whenever you stencil with different colours, let the paint dry well after each colour application before you start with the next colour. The stencil Sevilla can be easily cleaned with water after each colour application. At the very end, the floor is sealed.