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LittlePomp Purple & Soft | Chalk paint 2.5L

LittlePomp Purple & Tender chalk paint is a very delicate shade of purple from the MissPompadour colour world that bathes every room in a soft light. In combination with white tones, but also with the warm grey of Grey & Mindful, this pastel purple on walls and furniture in the children's room creates a friendly feel-good atmosphere that pleases both children and parents.

Paint Finishes selection:
  • High-quality wall paint made from bio-based raw materials
  • VOC-free, water-based and odourless
  • Highly opaque, robust and impact resistant
  • Suitable for wallpaper, woodchip and plastered walls
Paint quantity selection:


Content: 2.5 Litre (€27.60 / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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  • Individual color consultation
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This is what our customers say

LittlePomp Purple & Tender - Chalk paint and chalk varnish

This colour shade is a colour to feel good in. The pastel shade is very soft and delicate. The subtle violet is perceived more as an atmosphere than as a colour. All those who don't like pink tones in girls' rooms will be thrilled by Lila & Zärtlich. And the little girls in the room will be anyway. But this violet also pleases in boys' rooms, because there is nothing sweet about the colour shade. And last but not least, many grown-ups will also like this subtle colour shade.

LittlePomp Purple & Tender as wall paint

The most important thing for us when developing the LittlePomp collection by MissPompadour Paint was that the colours were safe for children's health. After all, children are sensitive beings and we don't want to expose them to any chemicals. Moreover, babies and toddlers stay in their rooms longer than adults. Often, the children's room is also painted during pregnancy. And expectant mothers really shouldn't be breathing in toxic fumes. So our goal was to develop a downright healthy colour. And that's how LittlePomp chalk paints for the wall came into being. Our standards are high: first of all, the paint must be water-soluble and completely free of solvents. In addition, it must not emit any toxic vapours when drying. That means it must also be VOC-free. By the way, paint in the children's room should also be stable and hard-wearing. Little Pomp Purple & Tender, the chalk paint from MissPompadour, simply meets all the demands we place on children's room walls.

LittlePomp Purple & Tender as chalk varnish

The matt chalk varnish lays softly on the surface. With LittlePomp chalk varnish you create a completely dull look that is downright velvety. The chalk varnish is suitable for all nursery furniture, such as the changing table and the cot. LittlePomp's varnish has been specially developed for children's rooms and is, of course, just like our LittlePomp wall paints, harmless to health. It is hard-wearing and easy to clean. Of course, it can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. As LittlePomp chalk varnish is toy-safe, you can also paint children's toys in this pretty colour. It resists small nail teeth and saliva.

The LittlePomp colour sample

Colour samples are always an important help when deciding on a colour. LittlePomp's colour samples are available in the practical A6 postcard format, because it simply offers many advantages: First of all, you can easily judge a colour on such a surface. In addition, the colour samples are separate, so you can pin a single colour sample to the wall and see the colour in any light. A single colour sample is also easy to take with you when you want to choose matching textiles or furniture. Of course, you will also find it interesting to try out the feel of the colour. For this reason, our colour samples are painstakingly hand-painted. In addition, you will find a detailed colour description on the back.

LittlePomp Chalk Paint:

LittlePomp Chalk Paint is our high quality chalk paint. It is very robust, impact-resistant, washable and VOC-free. In addition, no harmful volatile substances are emitted during the drying process. Therefore, our chalk paint is completely harmless and even pregnant women can work with it. LittlePomp is toy-safe certified, saliva-proof and antibacterial. This means that it is not only child safe, but also pet safe. The chalk paint has a high UV light resistance and provides a relaxed room climate due to its valuable composition.

Preparation and application: Apply the paint to plaster and textured wallpaper with a roller and brush. If diluted with about 10 percent water, LittlePomp can also be sprayed. The paint must be applied twice to fully develop its velvety effect

Range: 1L LittlePomp is sufficient for approx. 8 m2 of paint. Coverage and range depend on the surface condition

Drying time: After 1 hour "dry to the touch" - Can be painted over after 4-5 hours

Shelf life: Approx. 2 to 3 years at 5-25 degrees Celsius, store frost-free and well closed.

Download technical data sheet

LittlePomp chalk varnish:

LittlePomp chalk varnish is a high-quality chalk-based varnish. It is very robust, impact-resistant, washable and VOC-free. In addition, no harmful volatile substances are emitted during the drying process. Therefore, our chalk varnishes are completely harmless, so that even pregnant women can work with them. LittlePomp is toy-safe certified, saliva-proof and antibacterial. This means that it is not only child-safe, but also pet-safe. The chalk paint is highly resistant to UV light and its valuable composition ensures a relaxed room climate.

Preparation and application: Stir the varnish well and apply only at temperatures of 10°C and above. First remove flaking old varnish or sand the substrate. The substrate must be free of dust and grease. If the substrate is extremely absorbent or if the wood is raw, prime with thinned paint or stainblock. Use the fine MissPompadour brush or a paint roller. Spraying is possible after diluting with water. After two coats the surface is perfect.

Range: 1L LittlePomp is enough for approx. 8 m2 of painting. Coverage and range depend on the condition of the substrate.

Drying time: Can be recoated after approx. 2 hours - cured after approx. 14 days

Shelf life: At 5-25 °C approx. 2 to 3 years, store frost-free and tightly closed

Download technical data sheet

colour sample:Format: A6 (postcard size)

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