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Stencil Göteborg | 19cm

The stencil Göteborg is a design for all lovers of Scandi style. Because stencil Göteborg is based on an old Swedish tile pattern.
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The stencil Gothenburg

The motif of the stencil Gothenburg comes from an old Swedish tile pattern. This design could have come straight from a farm in Bullerbü or from the paintings of Gustav Larsson. All fans of the Scandinavian furnishing style will find the right tool to realise their ideas. This pretty design is not only suitable for tiles, but also makes a beautiful border on the wall. On old pictures from Sweden you can also see how furniture was decorated with the help of stencils. With the stencil Gothenburg, you now have endless possibilities to express your creative will.

Using stencil Göteborg on tiles on walls and floors

First of all, you have to make sure that the surface is absolutely free of dust and, above all, grease. The best way to do this is to use To Clean from MissPompadour. Then you can apply the base colour. For wall and floor tiles, use the Eggshell Varnishes from MissPompadour. Apply two coats and allow to dry thoroughly. Then you can start stencilling. Use as little paint as possible on the brush. Otherwise the paint could run under the stencil. For floor tiles, the last thing you should do is seal your stencil with Topcoat.

Application of stencil Gothenburg on walls and wood

First, paint the wall twice with the wall paint. Let the paint dry thoroughly. Then start stencilling. Use a spirit level and a soft pencil to draw vertical and horizontal lines on the wall. Place the stencil neatly with the contact points. Make sure that you have as little wall paint in the brush as possible. To Stencil wood you also need our water-based Eggshell Varnish or Matt Varnishes. On open wood and rough surfaces you can also work with wax.