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Stencil Princess - 27cm

With the Princess creative stencil, you can print a romantic motif on a piece of nursery furniture or a wall. The Princess creative stencil creates a realm of its own for your little princess
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Content: 1 piece

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Stencil Princess

With the pretty crown symbol of the stencil princess you can enchant your child's or baby's room and create an atmosphere worthy of your little princess. You can decorate a chest of drawers or a cupboard door in the nursery with the stencil princess. Or you can apply this adorable motif to the back of a TripTrap chair. Then everyone will immediately know where the little princess has her place. Or you could simply print the playful stencil princess on the outside of the children's room door, so that everyone knows immediately where the little princess' kingdom is. At MissPompadour you will find many attractive colour shades, such as the delicate Rose with Marshmallow, a soft Grey with Linen or the fresh Green with Mint. With the romantic stencil princess, you can create a wonderful atmosphere in your child's room.

Using the stencil princess on a piece of furniture

This stencil is more likely to be used individually. Nevertheless, it is very important to work in a lot. Even if you only want to print a single motif on a piece of furniture, the stencil must be perfectly positioned horizontally and vertically. The best way to do this is to use a spirit level and draw thin lines on the surface with a soft pencil. These can be easily erased in the end. It is important that you clean your furniture thoroughly before stenciling. It must be absolutely free of dust and grease so that the paint can adhere well. It's best to use the gentle, environmentally friendly To Clean from MissPompadour. On a piece of furniture or a door, the varnish quality MissPompadour Eggshell Varnish should be used. Especially with more classic motifs, such as the stencil princess, it can have a great effect if you choose the colour shade just one shade darker than the base colour. This way, the motif appears discreet and at the same time shadowy on the background.

Using the stencil princess on a wall

The romantic motif of the stencil princess is also very suitable if you only want to emphasise a single spot on the wall. You can print the motif directly onto the wall. Especially in the children's room, it makes sense to work with our extremely environmentally friendly wall paint The Valuable Wall Paint. The paint is best dabbed vertically onto the stencil with a stencil brush. It is important to fill the brush with as little paint as possible. Otherwise the paint could run behind the stencil.