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Stencil My Small Town | 25cm

The MissPompadour stencil My Small Town consists of three small houses. When these charming little houses are printed next to each other, the MissPompadour stencil My Small Town creates the silhouette of a small town.
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Content: 1 piece

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MissPompadour Stencil My Small Town

Here our designer has come up with something particularly pretty. Three small, somewhat warped houses with many doors lean against each other. Simply print these stencils several times next to each other. Then, in no time at all, the individual motifs of the stencil My Small Town will develop into an attractive border that shows a whole little town. It is particularly attractive if you print this border right above the skirting board. Because then the houses stand visually on solid ground. And the children can see the imaginative motif of stencil My Small Town at eye level.

The colour selection for using stencil My Small Town

If you want to design the little houses in one colour, you will get a discreet picture. Especially if you have chosen a colour shade that does not contrast too much with your base colour. But especially with the stencil My Small Town it is a good idea to print with several colours. After all, where can you find a completely monochrome town? Perfect if you have leftover wall paints. Just make sure that the tones of your print colours contrast well with the base colour.

Applying colour with the stencil My Small Town

As this stencil is particularly suitable for wall design, you will use a wall paint for printing. It is best to use a stencil brush. Make sure you only use a small amount of paint with the brush. This is important so that the paint does not run behind the stencil. This is the only way to guarantee a sharp edge on your design. The round MissPompadour Paint stencil brush with its flat cutting edge is particularly suitable for dabbing the paint on horizontally. If you apply this motif along the baseboard, you don't need to worry about the horizontal and vertical lines. In that case, the horizontal line is predefined. If you want to apply the border higher up on the wall, draw a line with the help of a spirit level. The eye will not forgive the slightest deviation from the horizontal later.