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To Wax-Polish - Wax Brush

The stable To Wax-Polish wax brush is suitable for applying wax to natural wood. The MissPompadour wax brush can also be used to wax matt chalk paint and thus additionally stabilise it.


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To Wax-Polish - MissPompadour wax brush

If you want to finish a surface painted with matt paint, you can work well with colourless wax. By applying neutral wax, you can also "fire up" and finish natural wood. Of course, you can also apply the wax with a soft cloth. But anyone who has tried to work with a wax brush will not want to use anything else. Heat the wax a little so that it becomes smooth. Then you can work it into the surface with a brush. The To Wax-Polish wax brush is ideal for applying paste-like media, as it can absorb a lot of wax. At the same time, it releases it extremely evenly onto the surface. When applying wax, it is important that the individual wax layers remain thin so that they can dry quickly and thoroughly. Finally, you should polish with a soft cloth.

The To Wax-Polish for working with coloured wax

To change the colour of yellowed or otherwise unsightly natural wood, you should use coloured wax. At the same time, the wood is protected and refined in this way. These waxes, which we offer in many shades of white, grey and brown, can also be applied particularly well with the MissPompadour wax brush. The To Wax-Polish with its white bleached, sturdy bristles really nestles into the wood grain. This works the wax into the surface, preserving the wood's structure despite the change in colour. The sturdy natural wood handle from European wood production lies well in the hand when working. And the sturdy seamless aluminium ferrule keeps the bristles securely in place.

To Wax-Polish for working with antique wax

The MissPompadour wax brush is also a good choice if you want to work on vintage-look furniture with antique wax. You can use it to apply antique wax on matt paint or to darken, protect and stabilise sanded down varnish areas. Here, too, we recommend working in several thin layers. Allow the layers to dry well between each application. Finally, polish with a soft cloth. You can easily clean the MissPompadour wax brush with our To Clean and warm water. So it's always ready for use again. By the way, it is made in Germany. The high-quality wax and stencil brushes are handmade in Germany by trained brush makers and are designed for the toughest conditions of use. The fill material is natural pig bristle. Despite the most careful workmanship, it can happen, especially during the first applications, that the brush loses bristles or bristles break off. The reason for this is that pig's bristle has a brittle texture when dry and only gains a certain suppleness through frequent use. Please clean the brush after each use. We hope you enjoy your quality brush made in Germany