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Wax White

With MissPompadour Wax White you can give natural wood a fresh look. MissPompadour Wax White is also suitable for finishing and brightening up matt coats.
  • Matt, elegant look
  • Made from beeswax and carnauba wax
  • Easy to clean
  • Made in Germany


Content: 0.375 Litre (€53.07 / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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  • Individual color consultation
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MissPompadour Wax White

We have also put all our experience into the development of MissPompadour Wax White. The white wax is particularly suitable if you want to finish surfaces treated with chalk emulsion, matt varnish or the MissPompadour Paints Matt Varnish quality. By applying this wax on top, you close the open pores of your matt paint application and create a smooth surface with a matt appearance. The wax application also makes the surface hard-wearing and easy to clean. And the light colour of the Wax gives you the opportunity to make your chosen colour shade fresher and more vibrant. But you can also use White with White to give untreated natural wood a stable surface and a friendly shimmer. The great thing is that the wood structure is always retained and remains visible, even though the colour changes. Wax is also ideal for sealing stone and cork and giving them a brighter colour. White Wax is indispensable if you want to brighten up a slightly yellowed wooden ceiling. White with White wax gives your wooden ceiling a friendly, bright appearance.

How to use MissPompadour white wax

Firstly, clean the surface thoroughly. Natural wood may need to be lightly sanded. To apply the MissPompadour Wax White, we recommend using the MissPompadour wax brush. This thick, round brush sits comfortably in the hand. And its strong natural bristles can absorb and release enough Wax. The easiest way to do this is to heat the Wax very slightly. You will then notice how well this brush works the wax deep into the pores of the surface. Allow a first, thin layer of wax to dry before applying a second layer. Finally, polish the surface with a soft cloth

The environmental compatibility of MissPompadour Wax

Like all our waxes, MissPompadour Wax White is made according to an old recipe from bee and carnauba wax. It contains the lowest possible amount of preservatives and solvents. However, a small amount is necessary to ensure sustainable storage. Wax should therefore be kept out of the reach of children.
Wax: Area of application: Open wood, matt varnish

Form of application: decoration, sealing on surfaces subject to little wear (no protection against water)

Range: approx. 11m²/litre or approx. 4m²/370ml

Drying time: allow to dry for 3-4 days