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To Seal Silicone - Silicone Sealer

To Seal Silicone is a bonding agent for silicone joints that creates a layer between the silicone and the paint. The varnish can then adhere well to this layer. Please note our information on application.


Content: 0.125 Litre (€239.20 / 1 Litre)

Available, delivery time: 2 to 4 Working days

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Therefore with To Seal Silicone

Creates a bridge between silicone and paint - Perfect adhesion for the varnish coat - Eliminates the need to remove silicone joints before painting - Eliminates the need to seal with silicone later

To Seal Silicone thus saves 2 work steps - in addition, the bonding agent allows joints that have the colour shade of the tiles, creating a calm, harmonious look.

Adhesion promoter for painting over silicone

On silicone, almost every paint stubbornly refuses to find any kind of bond. Most of the time, you have no choice but to remove all the silicone and, after painting, seal the joints all over again with silicone. But now there is a remedy. MissPompadour Silicone Sealer forms a layer between the silicone and the paint that you can easily paint over. With this product, you can achieve abrasion-resistant coats on both fresh and old silicone joints.

Simple and sustainable

Once you've had enough of tiles on the floor or wall, it's undoubtedly more sustainable to paint them than to remove them. Apart from the fact that it means a completely different use of materials to replace tiles, there are costs, dirt and a considerable amount of work involved. Only until recently, it was difficult to paint over silicone grout. But now there is a solution to this problem too: To Seal Silicone.

MissPompadour Bonding agent for painting over silicone

To Seal Silicone is compatible with most commercially available painting systems. The white emulsion works particularly well with water-based paints. Use it on all existing silicone joints on doors, window frames and in sanitary areas. It can alsobeused on glass sealants, for example on windows. However, due to different window cleaners, adhesion cannot be guaranteed in this area.

To Seal Silicone can be used on all surfaces where silicone sealant prevents paint from sticking. It also helps if your paint rolls off in unexpected places. This can be caused by unintentional and invisible contamination with silicone residue - a thin layer of adhesion promoter solves the problem.

Easy application: Apply silicone topcoat

First of all, make sure that the silicone surface is dry and free of dust, grease and release agents. The surface must be cleaned with a commercially available cleaner. It is best to use MissPompadour To Clean. Do not use soap or washing-up liquid for cleaning, otherwise To Seal Silicone cannot form a perfect bonding bridge. To avoid leaving any residue, wipe thoroughly with clean water.

The bonding agent is ready for use immediately. Apply a thin layer of the emulsion to the dry silicone joint. Because of its white colour, you can then paint over it with any colour shade. At 21 °C, the glaze can be painted over after approx. 20-60 minutes and should also be painted over when fresh. After 1 hour drying time it is also waterproof. After 21 days it is finally cured. Then To Seal Silicone can also be subjected to mechanical loads.

Painting over silicone joints with MissPompadour To Seal Silicone

It is best to use a bevelled To Paint 25mm- Fine MissPompadour Brush to apply the silicone bonding agent. With its fine trim, even joints in corners can be easily reached.

Application: For painting joints and silicone surfaces, High yield (approx. 100 running metres), For interior/exterior and wet areas, Weather- and UV-resistant
Content: Colour: White
Processing: It does not need to be mixed and can be used immediately
Quantity: 125ml
To Seal Silicone:Download technical data sheet